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Create Stunning Bathrooms with Terracotta Floors

Hey there, tile enthusiasts, interior designers, and bathroom beautifiers! Are you tired of the same old boring bathroom look? Are you ready to shake things up with some terracotta flair? Terracotta floor tiles are not just for outdoor patios or living rooms; they can also add warmth and character to your bathroom space.

Compared to other materials like ceramic or porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles vibe with rustic flavor in spa-like bathroom designs!

In this blog post, get ready to dive into the world of terracotta floor tiles for some serious bathroom design inspiration. We’ll discuss why these tiles are a fantastic choice for bathrooms and how to incorporate them into your design scheme.

Besides the obvious – durability… there’s a huge range of patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors of bathrooms with terracotta floors from which to choose. 

But before discussing that, let’s briefly discuss choosing the right terracotta tiles for your bathroom design.


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Choosing the Right Terracotta Tiles

There is no denying the reputation of terracotta tiles, especially Mexican Saltillo tiles (known for being one of the most durable types of terracotta bathroom flooring). Most people recognize them as the warm-toned squares that give rooms an earthy, rustic appearance and are found in homes in many desert climates. But also, clay tile floors are well-known (and well-liked) throughout the Mediterranean region, where clay tiles are perfect for covering outdoor areas, walls, and floors.  

For interior designers, terracotta tiles are a popular choice for adding character to kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

Terracotta ceramic tiles for bathrooms can be either glazed or unglazed (sealed or unsealed). That opens up an enormous selection of custom tile options beyond the standard terracotta colors. Ultimately, you want to choose the finish that makes the most relaxing area for grooming and leisure.

Interestingly, Saltillo terracotta tiles come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, including custom black tiles. You read correctly: there are black terracotta tiles. In addition to having an exquisite appearance, these tiles withstand the wear and tear of an active household, making them appropriate for various rooms in the house—indoor and outdoor. 

Specifically, custom black terracotta tiles enlarge spaces with a moody touch by adding depth and intrigue. We especially love seeing custom black terracotta as bathroom flooring paired with white cabinets and walls for a chic, contemporary bathroom design vibe.

Incorporating Terracotta in Modern Bathroom Designs

Terracotta is particularly valued in kitchens and baths because it creates a warm and fashionable atmosphere. Designing a bedroom or bathroom with terracotta tiles provides a huge range of styles, from a traditional and rustic style to a more modern and sleek appearance.

When you need solid durability, terracotta tiles are the perfect choice for Spanish-style bathroom floors and walls. When properly installed, they are resistant to heat and humidity.

Whether used on the walls or the floor, Terracotta tiles add a homey touch and spa-like atmosphere to bathroom designs. Because of their water resistance and minimal maintenance requirements, they are also a practical and long-lasting choice for bathroom walls and floors—yes, even showers!

If you haven’t seen our beautiful cement tile bathroom floors yet, check out how stunning the mixture of terracotta in modern bathroom designs plays well with cement tiles.


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Enhancing Decor With Patterns of Terracotta Tile in Bathrooms

Let’s look into some design tips and inspirations for creating bathrooms with terracotta floors.


Choosing the right colors

Pro tip! You should plan your overall aesthetic, considering the colors of your terracotta tile in bathrooms. How will these tile colors impact your other design options? If you want warm tones in your flooring bathroom design, choose complementary colors for accents, cabinets, and walls. 

For added decor, consider the famous earthen tones and trends of encaustic-style cement tiles or colorful glazed tiles for backsplashes or shower tiles. Bathrooms with terracotta floors and cement tiles are a timeless trend! Explore our showstopping concrete tile bathroom floor pictures while you’re scrolling!

And don’t stop there – explore Cantera stone features like stone bathroom sinks and surrounds to add more luxury to your bathroom design.

We’ve been building luxurious bathrooms using terracotta bathroom floor tiles, cement tiles, and Cantera stone for decades!

terracotta paver colors

Terracotta Colors

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Terracotta Patterns

Consider the light source

Which light source does your bathroom currently use or plan to use? Will it be natural or artificial? Is there a window or a skylight in the room if there is any outside light? What direction is that window facing?

All of these questions serve to determine what type of light the room will receive and select a color of the terracotta tile in bathrooms that complements the effect we want to achieve.

Consider the functions of bathrooms with Terracotta floors

In a room intended for specialized use, like a bathroom, tiles serve multiple functions – insulating, protection, and gorgeousness. So, have some fun – your tiles don’t have only to be functional!  They can be a focal point of the bathroom decor, too!  

Go wild with your imagination when deciding what function tiles should serve in your bathroom! Never discount the possibility of creating unique patterns, combinations, and bathroom designs.

In fact, any surface serves as a blank canvas for your ideas; you are not limited to covering areas that are typically decorated with clay tiles in bathrooms.

Terracotta Tiles: A Versatile Choice for Bathroom Design

When designing bathrooms with terracotta tiles, remember that they are porous and must be sealed with a protective layer, bathroom tile sealer, to prevent moisture from entering. In fact, Saltillo Terracotta tiles should be sealed before installation – that’s why we recommend only buying presealed terracotta tiles. To ensure safety, choose slip-resistant finishes or install terracotta bathroom tiles with wide grout lines for added texture.

Additionally, carefully coordinate tile color variations with bathroom fixtures and lighting. Proper installation and maintenance are critical for durability and appearance.

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It’s no wonder topics like bathroom design are thriving online! According to the National Association of Realtors, “47% of people who have started, completed, or plan to start home projects will upgrade their bathrooms. This makes bathroom remodels one of the most popular home improvement projects.”

There are many different ways to use terracotta floors – but as part of bathroom design, it is one of our favorites!

If you’re working on a bathroom design that calls for terracotta tiles (including our handmade Glazed Terracotta Tiles), contact us today! We’re happy to speak with you about your project — and we ship worldwide!

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