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Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas & Decorating Tips

Looking for bathroom design ideas?

Designing a Spanish-style bathroom is easier than you think!

Gone are the days when bathrooms function solely as showers, baths, and … well, you know. ☺

So, the porcelain palace is where you can ‘play’ with design details. Be bold and creative, and create a luxury bathroom experience for your family and guests! Spanish-style bathroom ideas are easy to bring to life.

Check out these Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas!

spanish style bathroom ideas

Floor to Ceiling Design. 

Tile is a common element in Spanish décor. It gives bathrooms an added punch of traditional charm. Additionally, bathroom and shower walls are fabulous areas to create a stylish atmosphere by approaching the design artistically. 

Choose something decorative, like hand-painted Talavera tile for floor accents or wall tile. Interior designers use Talavera tile as a staple ingredient in Spanish-style bathroom ideas. Plus, it’s easy to mix and match designs.

Lastly, create a cohesive look for the whole space by tying the decorative tiles with complementary terracotta floor tile.

mexican tile for bathrooms

Modern Spanish Design.

While I love traditional Spanish-style bathrooms, it’s fun to flip the coin and create modern Spanish-style bathrooms, too.  Plus, it’s easy to do!

Reframe your mindset from classic Spanish tile designs to edgier patterns with bold or geometric ones.  This vibrant Philadelphia Cement tile shows off against contrasting white subway tile, metallic hardware, and mirrored surfaces. So, it’s reminiscent of Spanish-style décor, but it adapts well to modern and even Victorian-style spaces. Explore other showstopping bathrooms with concrete tiles.

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Let’s dive into a few other bathroom decor tips!

spanish colonial style bathroom design

Dare to be Bold. 

Who would have thought sunshine-yellow and lime-green tile would be so lovely in a guest bathroom? The romantic-style Copper tub from Mexico is the focal point here, emphasizing the vibe of Spanish bathroom design.

This charming bathroom is inside a Spanish Colonial-style home laden with terracotta floor tile, Talavera tile inside and out, copper sinks and hardware, and iron lighting. I worked with this homeowner several years ago on her design. Her personality is eclectic, which is reflected in her Spanish-style bathroom ideas.

Take a peek inside these homes and learn everything you need to create a Spanish-style home.

Play with Patterns. 

Plain square or subway tiles throughout a home are fine… but verge on boring. In other words, tap into timeless bathroom decor ideas where the choice of tile pattern makes a statement.

For example, this Riviera pattern in terracotta floor tile is a customer favorite in our world. Once again, you see the warmth of Talavera tiles & a luxurious Copper bathtub. 

mexican tile bathroom decor

However, adding some flavor is simple if you use square terracotta tile! For instance, a skilled tile installer easily cuts the corners of terracotta floor tile and adds decorative tile inserts. Corresponding cabinet hardware blends it all. Our blog has great information for other Spanish tile flooring ideas!

Lastly, here are a few favorites of my own. I hope you use these Spanish-style bathroom ideas to create a melting pot of colors and textures in your home. Then, top it off for added charisma with an ornate chandelier that adds ambiance to your bathroom sanctuary.

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