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Spanish Tile Flooring Ideas | Photos & (Videos) of Spanish Home Decor

Spanish tiles, put simply, are beauty locked in clay squares (or other iconic patterns).

Those colors, textures, and designs will leave you awestruck. Luckily for you, we are THE source for Spanish flooring ideas because we’ve seen it all! In fact, we’ve helped create over 200,000 enchanting floors over the years.

Do you have a few rooms in your home which need a revamp? What better way to bring beauty and color than with Spanish-style tile.

Let’s let the pictures tell the stories! Guess what? We’re looking at more than Spanish tile flooring, too. Backsplash tile, bathroom accents, & outdoor spaces too!

So, let’s explore…

Spanish Tile Flooring

the foundation for Spanish-style home decor

It’s time to bring your current flooring back to life. The typical wooden flooring is overused, and you are looking for something unique, right?

Spanish tile flooring gives you that unique element while expressing your individuality. For example, if you use a pinwheel or hopscotch pattern, use the center accent piece to highlight a Spanish tile in the color and design that suits you best.

Terracotta floor tile designs are timeless with a high-end edge that will leave your guests gushing every time they step foot in your home. 

Check out these Spanish tile flooring ideas!

If you’ve never seen how Terracotta tile, specifically Saltillo tile, is made… this is a MUST watch! The centuries-old handmade process is still followed today!

Spanish Style Backsplash Ideas

spice it up in Spanish style kitchens

Revamping your kitchen doesn’t stop with new appliances and flooring. In addition, your backsplash can either set or break your mood to make a meal.

Create the right feel with Spanish-style tiles, like the Espanola cement tile. Or do something custom-made, like the kitchen island.

Also, you can redo the top of the table with artistic hand-painted Talavera tiles. But, first, decide what colors you want. If you don’t want it to match the overall kitchen color, go for a great contrast.

For example, if your overall kitchen color is grey and white, do the Spanish-style tile in yellow and blue. For that extra flash, do the side table as well. The top doesn’t necessarily need to match the bottom.

That’s what makes the Spanish tiles so much fun and versatile. You can express yourself to the extreme without it looking kitsch. And, add terracotta tiles as a durable and style flooring option.

Want to explore some other ideas using Terracotta tile in kitchens and other spaces?

Outdoor Spanish Tile Ideas

outdoor flooring for all seasons

Your outdoor area is your little oasis from the world. Change it into the sanctuary of your dreams with Spanish-style flooring.

For example, our Superior Talavera is both exquisite and functional (but recommended for only warm-weather climates). Also, combine it with Saltillo tile and lay it in a Versailles style or even the more popular chevron design.

Then, let your inspiration take a dip into the pool and decorate it with Cantera pool coping tiles. Even though you might have colorful plants around your back garden, these Spanish-style tiles are not season-dependent. They will also let their colorful designs shine whatever the weather. 

Spanish Style Bathroom Tile Ideas

a bathroom decor is a perfect place to “play”

Your bathroom is the place you relax and let the troubles of the day wash away. For instance, turn it into an inspiring place where every time you step into the room, it transports you to Mexico or Morocco.

With an abundance of possibilities in design and color, the cement tiles offer an endless supply of home decor ideas. If you are not into multi-colors, the two-color variants will still provide you the same satisfaction even if you do not have huge revamps to do the whole kitchen or floors.

However, you still want to bring an exotic feel into your home. In fact, there are other smaller decor ideas available. For example, take your side tables and give them a fresh breath by redoing the tops or even the arches from your doors with Talavera tiles. 

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