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Terra Cotta Floor Tile Designs & Ideas

Let’s explore some terra cotta floor tile designs and ideas for your remodel project, new home construction, & business spaces. 

I’ve seen thousands of rustic style floors over nearly 2 decades of business. As you scroll, I’ll share some of our favorite terra cotta floor tile designs that we’ve collected.  Also, I might show you some of my least favorite projects!

My hope is that you’ll find some inspiration in these images and videos of terracotta floors and translate those looks to your space.

Let’s dive in and address some common questions along the way.

First, watch this video if you’re considering terracotta for your next project. It’s short, sweet, and answers a ton of (important) questions!

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    Are Terracotta Floor Tiles Good?

    Thankfully, they are.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a job!

    Not only is terracotta a flooring type that’s been around for centuries, but its quality also continues to improve. My business focuses on manufacturing, distribution, and installation of the most durable type of terracotta flooring – handmade Saltillo tile. So, I’ll speak to that.

    Saltillo flooring is known as one of the most durable Mexican clay tiles due to its clay coming from specific riverbeds in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.  That’s the secret sauce to quality. But also, we seal our terra cotta floor tile designs fully.  The quality and abundance of sealer fortify these clay tiles while famously color-enhancing them.

    So yes, they’re good. They last a long time. They’re easy to clean. They’re timeless. Take a look.

    Are Terra Cotta Floors Expensive?


    These clay floors are on the affordable end of custom flooring. That’s why so many luxury and craftsman homes begin with the floor in mind. Of course, prices will vary on color and terra cotta floor tile designs and patterns. Expect to pay a little more for decorative shapes or multi-tile patterns compared with 12×12 square terracotta floor tiles.  Inch Calculator estimates $2.87-$7.47/square foot for most patterns.

    Here are some of our most popular terracotta patterns and colors.

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    Is Terra Cotta In Style?

    Did they ever go out of style? ☺I don’t think so!

    As I mentioned before, I’ve been in the Mexican floor tile business for nearly 20 years. We’ve been busy (and sold out!) with tile since day one.  That’s not an exaggeration.  Our greatest challenge is producing terra cotta floor tile designs quickly enough to meet ongoing demand in the construction industry – especially homes with rustic decor. 
    But also, some terracotta floor colors trend in and out. Our article about the Most Important Questions to Ask About Terracotta flooring offers more details. 

    Below are the most popular colors that have stuck around. Notice how terracotta grout colors impact the overall look.

    What Are The Advantages Of Terracotta Clay Tiles?

    • Durability. There’s a reason ancient cathedrals and palaces still have terracotta flooring. Quality clay, like Saltillo tile, will outlast lifetimes with proper care and maintenance. Our Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring spells it out in detail!
    • Affordability. As mentioned above, for custom home flooring, terra cotta floor tile designs are a budget-friendly option.
    • Variety.  It’s made by hand (most common) or by machine so customizing shapes and sizes is easy. Plus, terracotta tiles, like Spanish quarry floor tiles, are easily custom-stained or glazed to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.
    • Easy to Maintain. (Disclaimer: My opinion assumes we’re only considering properly and fully sealed clay tiles.) With high-quality sealer soaked into the clay, spills and messes are easily cleaned. 

    Here are some terracotta floors that have stood the test of time and still look incredible.

    Where Can You Shop For The Best Terra Cotta Floor Tiles?

    Let’s be real

    Obviously, I want you to consider our business for your flooring project since we ship worldwide. But also, we’re a really good deal.

    Since we are the largest manufacturer of Mexican terracotta flooring, there’s no middleman. Our prices are low and we maintain the highest standards of quality. In fact, we’re known for the quality of our fully sealed Saltillo clay tile floors.


    If you haven’t already, test me. We offer all kinds of advice about Spanish tile. Call us or fill out our Price Request form.


    If you’re not in the United States, then geography may dictate other places where you should shop for terra cotta floor tiles. But since the quality of clay varies in different geographical areas, do the research. Shop for kiln-fired clay tiles, not sun-baked tiles. The kiln firing process and application of multiple coats of sealer add significant layers of quality.

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