Did you know that we offer Terra Cotta flooring options?  That’s true!  Over the years, we’ve learned that not everyone is as enthusiastic about handmade Saltillo flooring as we are.  And that’s ok – we’ll play nice anyway!

red terracotta floor tile

Many moons ago, we started developing a machine-made lookalike saltillo tile. Meet our Terra Cotta Tile product line.  It looks a bit like Mexican saltillo but there are major differences between this and our handmade tiles.

  1. Terra Cotta flooring is machine-made clay tile.  Because of this, the tiles are far more consistent in shape and size compared to it’s rustic counterpart, saltillo tile.
  2. It’s thinner than real saltillo tile. Some people want the look of authentic saltillo floors but need a thinner profile tile due to construction constraints.  This tile fills that requirement with being only 1/2″ thick vs. the average thickness of 5/8″ in saltillo flooring.
  3. It’s more consistent in color.  With handmade saltillo tiles, there is a wide range of color variations.  Many of you want some color range but prefer far more consistency.  Consider terra cotta flooring for this.  We offer 2 color choices in terra cotta flooring.  1) Natural terra cotta has some mild color movement in light terracotta shades of color.  2) Mission red is a mostly consistent red toned tile.  Each option can be color-enhanced with color-enhancing sealer.

12x12 terra cotta tile

mission red terracotta tile4.   Less rustic characteristics.  Being that terra cotta flooring is machine-made, it also has fewer rustic characteristics when compared to handmade saltillo tile.

terra cotta flooring
5.  Terra cotta flooring tile only comes unsealed.  We don’t offer this tile in a sealed form but we have 2 great sealers ideal for this substrate. The basic process follows: Set the tile with thin set, Apply sealer across the floor, Grout the tile, then clean up and dry.

If you’re not convinced that handmade saltillo tile is your gig, consider terra cotta flooring.  It’s durable, beautiful, and low-cost!  Contact one of our team members today to get a price estimate with delivery to you!  Order Samples to check it out!


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