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Meet our 3 favorite experts. They've been in the biz for nearly 2 decades and have seen thousands of terracotta floors.

This video explains why terra cotta floor tiles are good for  homes & businesses.

Are Terra Cotta Tiles Good?

Short answer... yes.

We also look at the best ways to save money & reduce maintenance!

Terracotta tiles are a durable, low-cost flooring option. Explore the variety of colors and patterns seen in homes and businesses around the world. 

Are Terracotta Tiles Expensive?

Short Answer... nope. Most terracotta tiles range between $2.50-$5.50/square foot.


Flooring Designer

Is Terracotta In Style?

Yep. In fact, terracotta floors are a timeless style seen for generations in homes & businesses worldwide.

While some terracotta floor color trends may come and go, the earthy tones always pair beautifully with painted Talavera & encaustic style concrete tiles.

What are Advantages of Terracotta Floors?

The most notable advantages include durability, having a variety of shapes & sizes, & it's easy to clean & maintain.


Mr. Fix It

Where can you shop for the best Terra Cotta Tiles?

RusticoTile.com for lowest prices & best quality.

We are known for the quality of our presealed tiles & friendly, expert knowledge customer service. Call us for design advice, too!

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