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Fabulous Spaces – Kitchens With Saltillo Tile Floors

Saltillo Kitchen Tile

Y’all!  Seriously – we have the BEST customers who have installed kitchens with Saltillo tile floors!  Do you know how much our staff loves getting pictures of beautiful spaces with our tiles?!

I’m not kidding.  We. Love. It.  Keep the pictures coming!

Saltillo Tile Patterns – Watch & Learn

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This post includes some fabulously spicy Spanish-style kitchens with saltillo tile floors.  Scroll through these photos.  Then – go frolic through your home and dream up your fabulous rustic kitchen ideas with saltillo tile floors.  Blended with many styles of decor, Mexican Saltillo is exceptionally versatile.  Just check out these kitchens!

spanish mission red hexagon terracotta tile
Spanish Mission Red Saltillo Tile

What’s not to love about Hexagon-shaped tile?!  It’s cool yet funky.  Our Oklahoma customer installed the Spanish Mission Red tile finish in this traditional kitchen with Saltillo tile floors.  With this color option, you can see the blend of dominating terracotta shades of colors throughout.  It’s paired well with blue and green hues and evidence of busy family life!  (To my knowledge – she has seven kids!  That’s a lot of cooking!)

terracotta kitchen tile
Riviera Pattern Antique Saltillo Tile

Here is an excellent example of Antique Saltillo Tile.  It’s made to look like reclaimed terracotta flooring with an old-world look.  There is something very cool about Antique Saltillo Tile!  Customize a floor like this with a dark grout rub across the tile’s surface.  This makes it take on an even older feel.  From the photo below, you can see Antique Saltillo floor tiles installed with a charcoal grout rub.  And voila – it’s two different looks for the same tile!

mexican tile flooring
12×12 Antique Saltillo with Dark Grout Rub
rustic style kitchen
12×12 Traditional Saltillo with Manganese Accents

And then there’s this beauty! Shiny, robust, and sophisticated yet rustic.  It’s hard to beat the look of kitchens with Saltillo tile floors made of square tiles.  Here is our best seller.  It’s a 12×12 super sealed saltillo tile in the Traditional color finish.  Our customer in south Austin, TX, sealed this floor with the gloss finish TerraNano topcoat sealer.  (Check this post about the importance of quality topcoat sealer. It’s a big deal.)

Her kitchen was beautifully paired with Manganese Saltillo tile inserts on the floor and the backsplash.  Kitchens with Saltillo tile floors get a modernized style by mixing metals.  Don’t be afraid to mix stainless steel appliances with copper accents and iron light fixtures in Spanish-style decor.  It just works!

If you’re in the research phase of a home remodel or new construction, consider embellishing your kitchen with saltillo tile floors.  They’re easy on the eyes, simple to maintain, and will outlast lifetimes!  Contact us to get a price estimate or to simply talk through some options for your home.  We’re here to help Make Every Space Count!

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