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Spice Up Your Kitchen with Saltillo Tiles

It’s easy to spice up your kitchen with Saltillo tiles! Are you tired of your boring, outdated kitchen? Looking for a way to add a touch of warmth and character to your space? These rustic, handcrafted tiles from Mexico are the perfect addition to any kitchen, bringing a unique blend of Spanish-style charm and vibrant colors.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the many ways you can use Saltillo tiles in rustic kitchen design. From creating a stunning backsplash to adding a pop of color with a tiled countertop, there are endless possibilities for incorporating these terracotta floor tiles into your home. So get ready to spice up your kitchen with Saltillo tiles!

Kitchen Saltillo Tile Patterns

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What’s not to love about Hexagon-shaped tile?!  It’s cool yet funky.  One of our Oklahoma customers installed the Spanish Mission Red tile finish in this traditional kitchen with Saltillo tile floors.  With this color option, you can see the blend of dominating terracotta shades of colors, including terra cotta color variations, throughout.  It’s paired well with blue and green hues and evidence of a busy family life!  (To my knowledge – she has seven kids!  That’s a lot of cooking!) These square terracotta tiles are the perfect modern twist to this gorgeous mid-century modern home. (Explore the differences between terracotta vs clay tiles, too.)

Explore these photos for inspiration to choose the best type of Mexican tile for your kitchen.

Here are excellent examples of Antique Saltillo Tile – a nonslip terracotta tile solution.  We manufacture it to look like reclaimed terracotta flooring with an old-world look.  There is something very cool about Antique Saltillo Tile!  Customize a floor like this with a dark grout rub across the tile’s surface.  This makes it take on an even older feel.  From the photo below, you can see Antique Saltillo kitchen floor tiles installed with a charcoal grout rub.  And voila – it’s two different looks for the same tile!

Shiny, robust, and sophisticated yet rustic.  It’s hard to beat the look of kitchens with Saltillo tile floors made of square tiles and other geometric shapes.  Here is our best seller – 12×12 super sealed Saltillo tile in the Traditional color finish.  Our customer in south Austin, TX, sealed this floor with the gloss finish TerraNano topcoat sealer.  Learn more about the importance of quality topcoat sealer for terracotta tile flooring. It’s a big deal.)

Her kitchen beautifully pairs Manganese Saltillo tile inserts on the floor and the backsplash.  Kitchens with Saltillo tile floors get a modernized style by mixing metals.  Don’t be afraid to mix stainless steel appliances with copper accents and iron light fixtures in Spanish-style decor.  It just works!

terracotta material

If you’re in the research phase of a home remodel or new construction, consider embellishing your modern Saltillo tile kitchen with Saltillo tile floors and beautiful kitchen appliances. They’re easy on the eyes, simple to maintain, and will outlast a lifetime when it’s been properly installed and maintained! Contact us to get a price estimate or to simply talk through some options for your modern Saltillo tile kitchen.  We’re here to help Make Every Space Count!

Want to See It In Your Room?

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These are some of the most popular questions we get about Saltillo tile when it comes to kitchen floors! So, if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, reach out to us!

Pros of having a kitchen with Saltillo tile flooring include its unique and rustic appearance, durability, and ability to keep the kitchen cool. However, Saltillo tile can be prone to staining if it’s left unsealed. Fortunately, it’s easy to eliminate this by installing pre-sealed Mexican Saltillo tiles and maintaining high-quality topcoat sealer that lasts for many years.

It’s very simple. Start with installing pre-sealed Mexican Saltillo tile. This is the first step to reducing maintenance and makes cleaning easy. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and debris. Then, clean the floor with a pH-neutral tile cleaner and a soft mop or cloth. Alternatively, use a steam mop which eliminates the need for chemical cleaning methods. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to extend the life of the Mexican Saltillo tile sealer. Apply a new layer of topcoat sealer as needed (also seals grout lines). Quality topcoat sealers should last for several years.

Neutral colors such as white, beige, or cream work well with Saltillo tile floors in a kitchen. Decor styles with a rustic or southwestern feel, such as Spanish or Mexican-inspired designs, complement the warm and earthy tones of terracotta tiles.

Yes. Mexican Saltillo tiles are commonly used for countertops and backsplashes. Because these tiles are handmade with size, thickness, and texture variations, a countertop will not be smooth and perfectly flat resulting in a rustic style. For Mexican-inspired decor, consider pairing Saltillo and decorative Cement tiles for kitchen backsplashes.

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  2. Hi Valerie – I can’t speak to the cost of engineered wood. But, Saltillo tile is known to be an affordable flooring option. It’s on the lower end of pricing for custom flooring. We offer wholesale prices and we ship worldwide. To get a price estimate for your project, just fill out this short FORM or give us a call!

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