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Choosing the Best Type of Mexican Tile for Your Kitchen

Are you hoping to spice things up with your kitchen decor? A few things, like Mexican tile, can add a zesty aroma to the most functional space in your home.

(Well, tacos can do that, too. But let’s talk tile.)

Suppose flexibility, beauty, and durability are your priorities. In that case, Mexican tiles are an excellent choice for 

  • design – they look nice.
  • functionality – they’re durable.
  • maintenance – no fuss.

Adding to those advantages, Mexican tiles are also budget-friendly. Talk about getting the best of all worlds!

But how do you know which Mexican tiles are best for your space when so many types are available?

We’ve been leading the Mexican tile industry for nearly 20 years. We are the experts. So in this article, I’ll share everything you need to know to choose the best Mexican tile for your kitchen.

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spanish style dining room

Timeless Mexican Tile Floor Ideas

Let’s establish one fact— there’s no underestimating the importance of flooring in giving your kitchen a perfect look. In fact, your kitchen floor is the glue that holds its decor and style together. So, take it seriously.

Saltillo tiles are the #1 most common Mexican floor tiles for kitchens. These terracotta tiles are made from handcrafted clay tiles found only in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. In fact, Saltillo is the “perfectly imperfect tile” with rustic, handmade characteristics. Every single tile is unique.

Alongside its durability and low price point, this Mexican floor tile is popular because it has many colors and patterns. Home and business owners worldwide seek out random dog paw prints, bumps, color striations, and rustic chips on tiles.

Are you trying to determine the difference between Saltillo and terracotta tiles? Glad you asked!

Saltillo tiles are made from terracotta and are, as such, a type of terracotta flooring. However, not all terracotta tiles are Saltillo tiles. (Stay with me.)

For a tile to be Saltillo, it must be produced in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Mexico. Then, again, it must also be handmade using a unique method common among the Tlaxcaltecas artisans with the specific riverbed clay from that region.

Fun fact: Saltillo tiles are one of the most durable terracotta tiles for kitchen floors.

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Explore Mexican Floor Tile Patterns for Kitchens

Next, let’s talk about patterns in Mexican Saltillo floor tiles. There are numerous decorative pattern shapes to choose from, including:

  • Star Cross pattern
  • Rivera
  • Octagon
  • Picket pattern
  • Fleur de lis
  • San Felipe
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon

Pro Tips for using Mexican floor tiles in the kitchen:

First, mixing and matching patterns throughout a home to achieve a custom look is easy. But while in the kitchen, jazz it up with something most unique. The idea is to dedicate your kitchen space to something extraordinary. Decorative Spanish tile floor shapes and patterns do just that. This design strategy draws attention to the heart of your home. So, stay away from plain squares.

Next, want some vintage flavor? Traditional or Spanish Mission Red Saltillo is your best bet. But also finish out the kitchen artistically with a colorful Cement tile backsplash. More on that below!

Finally, most people ask which tile makes a kitchen look bigger. Large format sizes work their magic in expanding the size and appearance of most kitchens.

Explore Mexican Tile Floor Colors

While the kitchen is one of the best places to express your personality, colors are one of the best methods to bring it to life. So, as you can imagine, there’s no better way to make your favorite color your kitchen’s theme than with tiles.

So, what color of Mexican floor tile is best? It all depends on what you hope to achieve. Popular terracotta tiles like Saltillo include Traditional, Antique, Spanish Mission Red, and Manganese. Explore Saltillo Tile Colors to learn more about their nuances.

For example, if you love the “old-world” vibe, then Antique Saltillo finish does the perfect job with its rustic look and textured surface.

However, nothing screams “dramatic” more than Manganese Saltillo’s neutral, brown, and terracotta color contrasts. Therefore, this is your best choice to enhance the look of a neutral kitchen design scheme. Watch our video about Mexican tile floor options.

Meanwhile, Traditional Saltillo proudly accentuates a hacienda-inspired design theme with orange, red, gold, and yellow tones. Go for the Spanish Mission Red if you want something like the Traditional Saltillo but with minimal yellow or light shades.

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As you know, backsplashes are one of the critical components of a kitchen’s design. It’s common knowledge that backslashes can quickly improve your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal or dwindle it down to blah.

Take advantage of leveraging hundreds of unique designs, patterns, and colors of Mexican tiles to customize your style.

Additionally, the value of backsplashes goes well beyond their good looks. Mexican tile backsplashes function as your countertops’ extension, stretching from a few inches off your wall to as high as your kitchen’s ceiling.

This area does the all-important job of preventing your walls from grease and water stains. That’s especially important because these walls are behind damage-prone areas like your sinks and stoves.

So buy in on backsplash protection… and make it look good!

Typical Mexican tiles for backsplashes include colorful Cement and Talavera tiles.

Many homeowners choose cement tiles for kitchen decor for various reasons. If you’ve decided to stick with Saltillo tiles for your kitchen flooring, backsplashes from cement tiles complement it perfectly. 

Like Saltillo, Cement tiles are also handmade and have benefits you can’t resist. They’re the perfect choice for backsplashes because they’re easy to maintain, colorful, and highly durable.

Can we customize any of our cement tile patterns for you? The process is easy and won’t break the bank.

  1. Select your tile size and pattern.
  2. Choose your colors.
  3. We make it for you.

Plus, these tiles (from many suppliers) are made from recycled material, adding to their environmentally-friendly status.

Lastly, the rustic feel of cement tile backsplashes blends excellently with Saltillo flooring designs.

Shopping for a Kitchen Backsplash?

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Talavera Mexican Tiles for Hacienda Style Homes

Is your home hacienda-styled? Then it’s characterized mainly by white stucco walls, rustic wood accents, small windows with spindles, archways, and courtyards with fountains.

With its Mexican and Spanish history, Hacienda design is time-tested and perfectly combines warm interior colors with neutral. Nothing marries Hacienda style and kitchen decor better than Talavera tiles.

Talavera tiles are hand-painted Mexican tiles and proudly maintain their reputation as the world’s most commonly-found painted tiles. Each piece is an artwork.

The Talavera tile and hacienda design combo introduces Mexico’s typical vibrant atmosphere into your home. Add other touches of Talavera as cabinet knobs, door handles, and even sinks.

As is the norm for Mexican tiles, there is a wide range of Talavera tile patterns and colors to match your preferences. Whether you prefer traditional or superior Talavera, we can customize it to suit your unique taste.

Cantera Stone for Architectural Features & Flooring

Another type of Mexican tile to incorporate into your kitchen is hard-carved Cantera stone, especially as it concerns the kitchen’s decorative and architectural features.

Cantera is similar to limestone and mined in several areas of Mexico. Since it’s ideal as Mexican floor tile. In fact, many homeowners double down and add other Cantera features as a kitchen’s architectural focal points. But Cantera doesn’t stop with flooring!

Have you seen robust range hood surrounds with intricately carved designs? Yep, that’s Cantera. Coordinating range hood surrounds, columns, and Mexican tile backsplashes are easy.

This Mexican-sourced stone has numerous other advantages, including its versatility. Whether you love classic or contemporary, Tuscan, or hacienda design, Cantera stone integrates perfectly with your style to produce the most refined results.

Finally, Cantera Mexican tile type is rich in colors, with so many from which to choose. For example, standard colors include Madera, Rojo Paraiso, Tobacco Brown, Tobacco Orange, Rosa, Pinon, Naranja, Recinto, and more.

Give Your Kitchen a New Look With Mexican Tiles

Are you looking to remodel or build your kitchen from scratch? Then there are many things to consider to get the perfect result. One of them is your choice of Mexican tiles.

Knowing the best places to get them for your kitchen floors and backsplashes is also essential. That’s where we come in.

At Rustico Tile & Stone, we’re your one-stop shop for the best Mexican tiles. Our prices are low, while our service and quality are top-notch! Give your kitchen the facelift it deserves by sourcing quality tiles from us at unbeatable prices. Then, let us help you with your next project.

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