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Top 6 Cement Tile Flooring Trends Interior Designers Need To Know About

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar.

Your new client demands “something different” (like cement tile flooring) for their building reno. They have a mountain of ideas but nothing that actually jives with their company’s style or services.

As an experienced designer, you’ve encountered this situation countless times – but luckily for this client, you’re a pro. You know what they need: custom cement tiles.

We’re here to back you up. Today we’re exploring six top trending cement floor tile designs you need to know about. You’re busy, so let’s not waste any time.

Custom Floor Tiles Are Making Headlines

Design artists and architects, meet your canvas. With cement floor tiles, you’re in the driver’s seat from concept to installation. Create exceptional designs for any personal or professional setting:

  • Spas
  • Resorts
  • Luxury apartments
  • Homes
  • Condos
  • C-suite offices
  • Diners
  • Cafes
turquoise concrete decorative tile
Turquoise Cement Tile – Philadelphia Pattern

You need eye-catching. You need, “WOW, that’s an incredible floor!” You want the best and nothing less for your client.
We know because that’s what we want, too. So, we make the process streamlined – just count to three:

  1. Pick a pattern.
  2. Select your colors
  3. Let us make it to your exact specifications

Multiple sizes. Multiple shapes. Dozens of pattern options. Countless customizations. Period.

Traditional Tile Patterns Are Back!

Everything went modern for a few years, so we’re excited to see traditional tile patterns turning up again big time in the mainstream design world. Let’s get specific with a few cement tile idea frontrunners:

  • Philadelphia – a classic Victorian style pattern in modern and vibrant colors
  • Espanola – a Spanish-style inspired cement floor tile pattern
  • Victorian – it’s all in the name, traditional European style

These historical patterns can be seamlessly integrated into an incredible array of spaces:

  • Micro Hotel Lobbies: Create a niche vibe that elevates the building’s charm and appeal. A super inviting interior equals more foot traffic and more guests.
  • Breweries: Add vintage class to a wall behind the bar for a unique personality. Permanent advertising at its finest.
  • Farmhouses and Victorian-Era Homes: Traditional patterns are right at home in countryside cottages, farmhouses, and historic buildings. Try them in bright solariums or rustic mudrooms.
  • Hallways: May we suggest a tile floor runner? Choose a detailed, interlocking pattern to run down the center and frame it with larger, solid-colored tiles along each side.

If you’re looking for that particular “Je ne sais quoi” design element, give this pattern trend a whirl. It’s absolutely fabulous for modern interiors and chic spaces.

  • Minimalist: A geometric pattern is worth a thousand words. Make a statement in an office hallway, or create bold dimensions in a breezy sunroom.
  • Fashionable: Use geometric patterns to create an elegant ambiance in all sorts of spaces, from upscale boutique fitting rooms to spacious bedrooms.

Sophisticated, complex, and oh-so-versatile geometric patterns class up any space without a fuss. Magnifique!

Considering Cement Tile Flooring?

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Cement Tile Flooring Is All The Rave For Commercial Spaces

“Tell me you know functional design without telling me you know functional design.”

Encaustic-style cement tile flooring is hands-down one of the best artistic options for both commercial and residential high-traffic shared areas. Compare Cement Tile vs. Porcelain Tile. If you’re taking advantage of this tile for your client’s design needs, you’re clearly in the know because it’s:

  • Extremely durable – when properly sealed
  • Easy to clean, even when they’re splattered with grease
  • Super customizable for that perfect one-of-a-kind look

With cement tile bathroom floor patterns and solid colors, shapes large and small, cement tile is the gorgeous workhorse of the design world.

6 places to try cement tile as your strong decor staple

  1. Bars: Drink spills and crowds of thirsty patrons are no match for the durability of cement tile. It’s resilient and unique against all odds.
  2. Restaurants: The best restaurants have captivating style elements that keep guests coming back. Even a commercial Cement tile kitchen floor offers that in spades – and broken plates and greasy food won’t dampen its spirit.
  3. Hotels: You can rely on cement tile to deliver stand-out style without compromising performance, even in the busiest seasons. Play up decor in a hotel cement tile bathroom floor.
  4. Coffee shops: The perfect place to try out quirky, cheerful, thought-provoking designs. Jazz up board game areas with custom patterns.
  5. Meeting rooms: High heels, catered food, coffee spills, heavy presentation equipment – conference rooms take a beating, but cement tile is up to the challenge. The right cement tile design will provide a sense of focus and calm, even if the debate gets heated.
  6. Outdoor dining: Cement tiles (when carefully crafted and treated) are a great outdoor option. Skip the dull linoleum or wood floors and opt for a refreshing, inviting cement tile flooring pattern instead.
hexagon cement restaurant tile
Custom-Made Hexagon Concrete Tile for Restaurant Flooring

Look up because cement floor tiles are just as useful at eye level as they are underfoot– and clients are noticing.

  • Accent walls: Create an instant focal point or backdrop for a wide array of spaces. Choose from multiple patterns, or mix and match different shapes and colors for the ultimate custom look.
  • Backsplashes: A cement tile kitchen floor is expected but bring them up the walls. Popular in bars and restaurants, cement tiles do double duty. They’re a stunning art installation that also protects walls behind kitchen and bathroom sinks, food prep areas, and more.

Aesthetically appealing tiles, as well as easy to clean and maintain, are essential for public spaces. Cement tiles are an excellent solution.

12x12 solid color concrete tile
Solid Cement Tile Floor

A cement tile accent design is like a personal signature: no two are alike.

  • Showers: Custom cement tile bathroom floor patterns in bold, luxurious colors are cropping up in bathroom shower floors and walls. They’re also splendid as bathtub surrounds.
  • Nooks: Create a beautiful interlocking pattern that climbs the walls and ceiling of a special reading or relaxation space.
  • Fireplaces: Use a custom cement tile pattern to frame a fireplace or hearth. The flickering candlelight against the details of the tilework is unbeatable.
  • Outdoor patios: Create a custom mosaic with cement outdoor floor tiles that channels the character of the home’s inhabitants.

If you’re searching for a cement tile kitchen floor design option that provides exclusive customization and durability, these cement floor tile trends might be the answer.
Our cement tiles can help you create a one-of-a-kind home and commercial environment through stunning colors, patterns, and designs. It doesn’t get much more exclusive than that. Don’t miss out!

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