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6 Creative Ways to Use Concrete Tiles in Your Next Home Project Design

Are you contemplating using concrete tiles in a new home project? Are you searching for unique style ideas to set your space apart? Let the artistry of Concrete floor tiles inspire your design choices.

From the bedroom to the patio, these tiles are as durable as lovely – and people can’t get enough of them!

Concrete tiles have actually been trending for centuries. Historically known as “Encaustic” tiles, they have a rich history as decorative elements in homes, public buildings, palaces, and mosques.

Fast forward to today, and Concrete tiles have only grown in popularity. Thanks to modern innovation, they’re much more durable now than they used to be, and their design versatility is a big draw.

Let’s take a closer look at the attributes of these trendsetters.

concrete tiles san antonio tx
Mexican Tiles in San Antonio

Concrete Tiles Are Aesthetically Appealing

It’s a snap to bring a slice of historical beauty into your home with Concrete floor tiles. Here are three reasons to try it.

  • Striking style: Captivating patterns and vibrant colors make these tiles a showstopper anywhere they’re installed in the home. 
  • Customization: Concrete tiles outdoors and indoors are a match made in heaven for the interior designer in all of us. Their remarkable range of colors, patterns, and textures offers unlimited creativity, ensuring a one-of-a-kind design for your space. 
  • Timeless appeal: Concrete tiles stay in style. They’re elegant, long-lasting, and easy to integrate with other design elements in any setting.
concrete tile kitchen backsplash
Cement Tile Backsplash

They’re Versatile

Concrete floor tiles wear many hats. They are known to be:

  • Durable
  • Decorative
  • Exquisite indoors
  • Excellent outdoors (with proper installation)
  • A great choice for both walls and flooring

They’re Functional

Concrete floor tiles have stood the test of time partly because they’re a practical choice.

First, they’re committed to your space: Our handcrafted, encaustic-style tiles are made to last. When properly installed, they will serve you well for decades (or more).

And they’re low maintenance: These decorative floor tiles are easy to maintain. If you buy your tiles from an expert supplier and ensure they are correctly sealed during installation, they will handle daily wear and tear without a fuss.

Finally, they’re all natural: Real Concrete tiles are made with all-natural materials, just as they were hundreds of years ago, so they’re 100% “green” and recyclable.

This tile is a clear winner when looking for artistic excellence but wanting to maintain quality.

What’s the difference between cement tile and concrete tile?

Large aggregates like gravel, sand, and cement make up concrete tiles. In comparison, Cement tiles have a base layer of concrete, but the top (cosmetic decorative) layer is made with pigmented Portland cement and/or marble powder. This mixture is poured into design molds creating decorative and durable flooring and wall tiles.

You will often see Concrete tiles referred to as Cement tiles. In the design world, these terms are interchangeable, so don’t fret if your online searches turn up both versions.

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Concrete Floor Tiles

Concrete tile is a favorite flooring material. At Rustico, we often refer to our Concrete flooring as Cement tile, and no matter what you call it, it’s a stunning floor option. Here are some trending style ideas to get you started.

hexagon cement restaurant tile
Custom-Made Hexagon Concrete Tile for Restaurant Flooring

Living Rooms with a Concrete Tile Floor

Get cozy with warm, earthy floor tile tones such as rich brown or deep yellow. Go traditional with an octagon or square tiles, or add a little spice with a pattern like Fleur de Lis or San Felipe. Pair with a soft leather couch and chairs for reading and relaxation. Color pops are the perfect final step:

  • A thick area rug
  • Throw blankets
  • Wall art

Don’t forget the fireplace – create a peaceful ambiance with matching Cement tiles.

Bedrooms with Concrete Floor Tiles

Bedrooms are a haven for rest and rejuvenation and the perfect place to let your personality shine through. Awaken your creative side with a vibrant floor tile pattern such as:

  • Amalia
  • Estrella
  • Roseton
  • Victorian

Complement the tiles with dark wood end tables and soft floor rugs. For the finishing touch: spoil yourself with a luxurious set of cream-colored sheets and decorative throw pillows.

customize cement tile
Amalia Pattern

Kitchens & Bathrooms Flooring

Patterned tile is a highly popular choice in both of these essential spaces.

In the kitchen: Try a pattern that complements your cabinets and countertops for an inviting, cohesive ambiance. Complete the look with complementary design elements:

  • Warm wall colors
  • A copper stove hood
  • Brightly colored chairs
  • Hanging plants

In the bathroom: Bring your countertops and walls to life with Concrete tiles:

  • Try a bright solid color such as deep blue or red for a streamlined effect.
  • Choose a pattern such as Philadelphia, Arabesque, or Girasol for a creative tone.
  • Mix and match tile sizes for added drama.

The surrounding décor is the key to pulling the space together. For example, a rustic mirror, plush towels, or funky wall art.

Concrete Wall Tiles

Pop quiz: what material often looks better, lasts longer, and brings more personality to a room than wallpaper? Concrete wall tile, of course. Here are a couple of our favorite uses.

turquoise concrete bathroom tile
Philadelphia Pattern in Concrete Bathroom Tile

Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplashes

 Protect your walls in high style: Patterned tiles are a knock-out when used as backsplashes.

In the kitchen: Why not try a patterned tile backsplash and make a statement?

  • Create a work of art you’ll love looking at while you cook.
  • Concrete Patterns are the way to go for the ultimate “cherry on top” in your kitchen.
  • Browse our designs to find the best match for your home’s décor.
cement tile kitchen backsplash
Patchwork cement tile backsplash

In the bathroom: Welcome to the splash zone – water from the sink can damage walls and make a mess along the baseboard. Take the unique approach and add a mosaic Concrete tile backsplash.

  • Use a variety of solid colors together in an arrangement.
  • Choose from one of our many patterns to find the look that’s just right for your space.

Accent Walls: 

No one likes a dull wall. Decorative tile is a fantastic way to liven up plain spaces and channel historical artistry in your home.

  • Play with shapes
  • Combine multiple sizes
  • Punch up the color

Plus, concrete tile gives you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic that reflects your unique personality.

Concrete Tiles on Outdoor Patios

Good news: you can take your Concrete tiles outdoors. It is an appealing and durable option for outdoor spaces such as patios, provided it is correctly installed. Popular uses include:

  • Patio flooring: Large size, solid color tiles look lovely as flooring, as do vibrant patterns.
  • Accents: Mosaic styles and patterns create an exceptional statement on walls. For additional interest, try incorporating other tiles or patterns, such as the Octagon Saltillo tile.
farmhouse concrete tile kitchen
Cement Tile Backsplash

Concrete tiles are all about character, color, and texture. Their artistic and durable qualities make them an ideal choice for all types of décor styles. Give them a try in your next home project and experience their artistry and beauty for yourself.

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