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3 Creative Ways to Use Mexican Tiles in Your Home

Hola amigo! We see you eyeing up Mexican tiles for your next home project – and we totally get it. These historical beauties are renowned for their Mexican tiles designs of vibrant tones, detailed patterns, and incredible versatility.

From room updates to full renos, Mexican tiles are your always-on-trend friend. In this blog, we’ll explore three ways for you to infuse your home with their artistry and character. Vamos!

What is Mexican Style Tile Called?

First things first: When referring to “Mexican tile,” it’s not just referring to one thing. Mexican tile (also known as traditional Spanish tile) actually refers to a selection of tile and stone products that are handmade in Mexico. Notably, there are four distinct types of Mexican tile, each with its own enticing characteristics:

  • Saltillo tile – a type of terracotta tile
  • Talavera tile – hand-painted tiles
  • Cement tile – encaustic-style decorative concrete tiles
  • Cantera stone tile – architectural stone quarried in Mexico

To produce Mexican tiles, artisans follow a centuries-old handcrafting process passed down through generations. The authentic colors and intricate patterns they create evoke the natural beauty and heritage of Mexico and Central America.

Now, let’s get into some ways you can incorporate these exceptional tiles into your next design project.

#1 Add Mexican Tile Colors

Ready to make a splash? Mexican tiles are prized for their extensive color palette, so you’ve got a lot of design options at your fingertips. (To put it mildly.)

Mexican Floor Tile with Saltillo

An absolute classic with unrivaled charm. This tile encompasses the earthy color palette of Mexican clay: rich shades of red, orange, brown, and yellow. Turn your living room into a warm sunset with Saltillo floor tiles or use Saltillo’s Terracotta tones as a neutral base for more complex Mexican tile designs in your kitchen or bathroom.

Mexican Tile Designs with Talavera

This hand-painted Spanish tile is as much a work of art as it is a functional part of the home. Characterized by its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, Mexican Talavera tile transforms neutral areas into a dazzling canvas. Think about a bold kitchen Mexican tile backsplash, bathroom countertops, accent walls, and even stair risers.

Mexican Tile Backsplash with Cement

Cement tiles are often used in a practical role where both durability and aesthetic appeal are key, such as a Mexican tile backsplash, outdoor spaces, and commercial offices. But they dazzle indoors, too, with an array of gorgeous patterns and solid tones.

Cantera Carved Stone Colors

Cantera tiles exhibit a wide variety of natural stone colors, from cool grays to striking pinks. These hand-carved tiles are as durable as they are beautiful, which makes them a winner for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Plus, Cantera plays well with other types of Mexican tile, so you can mix and match for the ultimate custom design.

#2 Mix Up Textures

Color and texture go hand in hand – no space is complete without both. Luckily, Mexican tiles are here to save the day.

Saltillo Flooring Textures

Handmade Saltillo Terracotta tile has just a hint of authentic “grit” that feels delicious underfoot. For a full effect, try our hand-textured Antique Saltillo and Antique Mission Red Saltillo tiles, or opt for a texturizing topcoat.

Mexican Talavera Tile Glazed Textures

If you’re looking for bold color with your texture, then Superior Talavera is a wonderful choice. This durable tile has a unique relief texture and comes in both pattern and solid matte options. It looks absolutely divine inside and outside the home. It’s most popularly used as floor accents or as a Mexican tile backsplash.

Concrete Tiles Textures

Cement tile is naturally texturized and slip-resistant – two properties that make it an ideal option for areas with high moisture and humidity. It excels both indoors and outdoors, marrying classic style with durability.

Cantera Stone Textures

This porous material’s origin story includes volcanic dust, ash, and lava, dating back millions of years. It has many natural texture options, and each tile is hand carved, so no two are exactly alike.

There are countless ways to integrate textured Mexican tiles into your living space. For example, a tile floor is the perfect backdrop for softer textiles, such as drapes and plush pillows. Modern décor elements such as artwork and appliances can be a great pairing for rustic tile tones and finishes.

Here are five artistic examples.

  1. The living room: Use the natural texture of Saltillo tiles to highlight architectural focal points such as fireplace surrounds, glass doors, or wooden ceiling beams.
  2. The kitchen: Create a colorful Mexican tile backsplash with cement tile designs or glazed terracotta tile to contrast with smooth marble countertops. Try Antique Mission Red Saltillo tile flooring to play up sleek appliances.
  3. The bedroom: Install Cantera columns and soft floor-length drapes for a Mediterranean vibe. Add thick bedside rugs over a Mexican Talavera tile floor.
  4. The bathroom: Choose a bright Cement tile pattern for your walls and shower. Pair muted countertop colors with soft towels and a fluffy bathmat.
  5. Outdoors: Install Cantera stone pool coping to highlight your backyard’s natural landscaping. Use thick grout with textured Saltillo tiles on the patio for a rugged-yet-polished appeal.

There’s no wrong answer here – the joy of handmade Mexican tiles is their versatility. When you find a design that speaks to you, go for it!

Want to See It In Your Room?

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#3 Express Your Personality

Can we get personal for a minute? We’ve covered a lot of amazing Mexican tile options, but we’re most excited to talk about… you. Because Mexican tiles are more than just colors and textures. They’re a way to tell your story.

How will they add character to your space, and what will they convey about who you are? Only you can decide! Here are a couple of examples to kickstart your creative process.

The Personality Test

Moody Blues
For the contemplative soul who values tranquility:

  • Deep shades of Talavera tile (Cobalt Blue)
  • Intricate Cement patterns (Philadelphia, Roseton, Victorian)
  • Rich brown Saltillo tile with Terracotta marbling (Manganese)
  • Artistic Cantera stone fountain (Stone Planters design)
  • Accessories: Oversize blankets, luxurious sheets and towels, modern artwork, colorful bowls and pottery, vintage mugs
turquoise concrete bathroom tile

For the social soul who enjoys hosting and toasting with friends and loved ones:

  • Warm Saltillo tile flooring (Hexagon Fuego or custom pattern)
  • Stunning Cement tile backsplash for kitchen and bath (go for the ‘wow’ factor!)
  • Cantera stone patio columns (Tuscan style)
  • Talavera accent pattern along the stairwell (custom design with your signature colors)
  • Accessories: Rustic wooden table, modern pendant lights, large area rugs, leather couch and chairs, a great speaker system for your party tunes
antique saltillo tile outdoors

Ask The Experts

Are Mexican Tiles Expensive?

Fortunately, there are options for all budget levels. 

For example, Saltillo tile flooring typically ranges from $3.50-$10 per square foot.  On the lower end of that range lies 12×12 or 16×16 square traditional Saltillo flooring, while 2-tile patterns in decorative shapes or custom tiles command higher price tags.

The same is true for Talavera and Cement tiles. Solid colors in standard sizes are less expensive than decorative, intricate Mexican tile designs. Expect Talavera tiles to cost $22-$45 per square foot for a standard 4×4 inch tile.

Finally, Cantera stone, in its tile form, is an affordable stone floor option ranging from $5.00-$10.00 per square foot. Opt for standard sizes like 12×12 or 16×16 and colors like Café or Tobacco Brown for the most budget-friendly choices.

Whatever your personality, whatever your story, there’s a superb Mexican tile design out there for you. So, dare to be bold, dare to be yourself – and let your tiles do the talking!

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