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5 Kitchen Terracotta Floor Tile Ideas from Timeless to Trend-Forward

The word is out – Saltillo Terracotta floor tile is sizzling in kitchens! These handcrafted tiles are the not-so-secret ingredient transforming ordinary cooking spaces into extraordinary culinary havens.

So, come along with us as we explore this year’s top five Terracotta floor tile design ideas for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.


Idea 1: Consider Terracotta Patterns That Have Been Timeless But Still Trend Forward

Why mess with a good thing – or, in the case of Saltillo Terracotta tile, a very good thing? In fact, there are so many Terracotta tile patterns that have stood the test of time and are still in vogue for current home designs. Consider these for starters:

  • Hexagon – Regular or large size, this shape can be crafted into countless inviting patterns for an old-world or modern aesthetic. We can do custom sizes, too!
  • Arabesque (San Felipe) – A true Spanish-style design for rustic appeal. This pattern is effortlessly charming in any kitchen in any color palette.
  • Classic square – As warm and lovely now as they were hundreds of years ago, square Terracotta tiles hold a world of design possibilities. For instance, select from a range of sizes: small tiles are well suited for more complex patterns, while large sizes make an inviting statement for larger floor plans.

You’ll find these shapes and patterns in both historic and contemporary homes around the world. Additionally, their design versatility makes them a perfect fit for all sorts of styles, and they last for generations. So, when you invest in Terracotta tiles in your kitchen, you can be sure they’ll still be on trend years from now.

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Idea 2: Coordinate Flooring With The Backsplash

Bring the charm of Terracotta flooring right up to your kitchen sink with a custom backsplash. Make it your own by choosing colors and patterns that inspire your creativity. Terracotta tiles are a top-notch option, but be sure to scout out our other Mexican tiles, too, because backsplashes are no place to hold back on creative beauty!

Should My Flooring & Backsplash Tile Match?

To match or not to match?Great question! And the answer is: it’s totally your call! If you’re into streamlined décor, select Terracotta tile for both your backsplash and your flooring. If you want continuity with a twist, try two different types of tile that have some element in common. Here are two of our favorite examples:

  • Matching Tiles: Use the same backsplash tile as the floor tile but in a different size. With this approach, you’ll have a beautiful Terracotta tile motif that keeps your interest with a subtly varied tile pattern. Thus, using different tile sizes gives each space – the floor and the backsplash – its own flavor while maintaining a cohesive theme. Try this: 12″ Hexagon floor tiles with 6″ Hexagon backsplash.
  • Complementary Tiles: Add backsplash tiles as accents to the floor pattern. Start with an earthy brown or gold tone of Terracotta floor tile. Add a brightly colored backsplash using a different type of tile, such as our hand-painted Talavera. Then, pull these two contrasting elements together by incorporating the backsplash tile into your flooring pattern. Try this: Octagon Saltillo flooring with Talavera tile accents.

Here’s one of the marvelous things about Terracotta tiles: they look stunning on their own or in combination with other tile types. Mix and match to your heart’s desire!

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Terracotta Backsplash & Floor Tile

Want to See It In Your Room?

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Idea 3: Terracotta Colors Best For Kitchens – Depends On Style Of Home

With so many colors of Terracotta tile available, how do you know which Saltillo floor tile is right for your kitchen? That often depends on the style of your home.

Traditional Saltillo Terracotta

This iconic Terracotta color family is especially well suited to Hacienda, Spanish, and Southwestern style homes. In fact, its rich tones of red, orange, yellow, and gold offer the perfect complement to dark wood ceiling beams, arched doorways, and rustic décor. It can be bold or subtle, adding a cozy vibe or creating a spacious effect. It all depends on the patterns and tones you choose.  

Manganese (Brown) Terracotta

So, for homes with a modern vibe, Manganese Terracotta tile is an excellent design partner. Its darker, varied tones create a striking contrast against light walls and cabinets.

Antique Nonslip Tiles

If you lean toward vintage décor, Antique is the tile for you. For examples, this shade of Terracotta is perfect for homes with an old-world aesthetic, from Tuscan villas and Spanish Colonials to cozy log cabins and cottages. We design our Antique tile to mimic historic reclaimed tile, which gives them an authentically worn-in, welcoming appearance.

Mission Red Terracotta

Lastly, this lush color has a versatile appeal. It can enhance the beauty of traditional homes, beach houses, and southwestern-style abodes. Its rich tones will add warmth and character to your kitchen, making you feel like you’re in a historic cooking retreat.

Traditional, Manganese, and Antique Terracotta tiles all come in a wide range of tones, which makes their patterns absolutely irresistible on floors or countertops. Just picture it…

  • Contrasting Terracotta tile tones in a Picket pattern
  • Aged Antique Terracotta tile in a Super Square pattern
  • Moody Manganese tile in a Hexagon Fuego pattern

Yes, please!

Idea 4: Terracotta Grout Colors That Are Best For Kitchens

Did you know that grout can be just as big a part of your kitchen’s design as the tile itself? It’s true! In fact, the right grout color can pull your entire room together. Here are the shades of grout that you should know about ASAP:

  • Gray – This standard mortar mix is the traditional, cost-effective, and timeless option. Its muted tones play well with a variety of tiles, and it never goes out of style.
  • Neutral beige/tan – Classy, simple, traditional. This grout looks great with any tile and won’t get in the way of dramatic Terracotta colors or patterns.
  • Dark colors (such as charcoal) – One of our favorite ways to enhance Terracotta flooring.Darkertones add contrast without clashing, and they won’t show stains as easily as lighter-colored grouts (as long as sealer maintenance is kept up).

Grout colors offer artistry and functionality, so don’t skip over the opportunity to purposefully choose the right one for your kitchen’s design.

A Few Grout Tips

Just like Terracotta colors and patterns, grout can match or contrast with your tiles for stellar effects. Try these terracotta grout ideas on for size:

  1. Match tile and grout color: When you pick complementary grout and tile tones, youlessen the impact of grout lines. As far as style is concerned, a grout that matches your tile’s colors and shapes will ensure that you aren’t breaking up your pattern with distracting lines.
  2. Contrast the tile and grout color: On the other hand, contrasting colors can really accentuate your tile patterns for a unique overall aesthetic in the right setting – especially on floors. You might try a deep shade of gray for the grout against a creamy shade of Saltillo tile. Or go inverted, with soft grout tones against deeper Saltillo colors.
  3. Go wide for drama: If you’re looking to highlight a contrasting grout and tile combination, consider an extra-wide grout between each tile for added flair. For example, use a wide, white, or tan grout against dark Manganese tile for a striking light-and-dark combination. This effect is especially stunning with large, square Terracotta tiles.
  4. Go narrow for complex patterns: When you’re working with smaller tiles or more detailed patterns, narrow grout lines can help keep focus on the colors and lines of the tiles rather than the spaces in between. This is a popular look for contemporary Saltillo floor patterns.  

Idea 5: Outdoor Kitchens With Terracotta Floors

Outdoor kitchens are a divine way to enjoy the great outdoors while you whip up a meal. They’re a go-to location for family and friends to kick back and relax in the summer sunshine, or take in the crisp fall air with a plate of good food. Add in Terracotta flooring, and you’re really cooking! When it’s time to upgrade your own outdoor kitchen, keep these three design tips in mind.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

  1. First, Antique Saltillo is trending thanks to its natural nonslip finish. Forget about ugly cement: if your outdoor oasis is adjacent to a pool, this attractive tile will provide a safe, textured surface. With Antique Terracotta tile, you can select a unique tone and pattern to convey a welcoming vibe that withstands the elements. And the best part? You won’t have to compromise on practicality.
  2. Next, add Mexican tile accents like Talavera to the flooring or surrounding spaces for more décor. Go ahead – add a dash of style to your tile! Create a Terracotta pattern that incorporates vivid colors into the layout. Our Superior Talavera is a solid choice for outdoor spaces, thanks to its water-resistant and durable nature. Work it into your Saltillo tile flooring for an elegant touch.
  3. Lastly, pair Terracotta flooring with Cantera stone features like outdoor fountains, fireplaces, or columns. One of our favorite looks is the combination of rustic Terracotta tile and luxurious Cantera stone features. This durable, elegant material adds next-level character to any outdoor kitchen space. Install a cozy Cantera stone fireplace for chilly evenings under the stars, or add a serene fountain to create a focal point.

There are so many exciting Terracotta tile design trends to consider for your kitchen! Whether you’re diving into a rustic hacienda theme or leaning into a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, these tiles are here to help you create a space that’s all your own. So, with a world of possibilities at your fingertips – and beneath your feet – one thing’s for sure: Terracotta tile is about to be your best sous chef. Buen Provecho!

Spanish revival to postmodern chic. With our wide selection of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes, you can enjoy a timeless design that ages beautifully with your home for decades. Check out our shapes and sizes to buy terracotta tile flooring. Finally, we specialize in terracotta tiles and other Mexican tiles. Contact one of our friendly floor’ists today to talk about your next project!

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