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Styling with Terracotta Tiles: Classic Meets Modern

Terracotta tile may have ancient origins, but its design appeal is steadfast and timeless. This classic terra cotta tile is a knockout in indoor and outdoor spaces and is a superb choice for your next home reno. We’ve compiled an easy tip sheet below to help you create the room of your dreams.


mission red tile
12×12 Mission Red Tile

What are Terracotta Tiles and What are They Commonly Used for?

Terracotta tiles are clay-based tiles that have been fired at high temperatures, resulting in a durable and water-resistant material. They are commonly used for flooring and outdoor paving due to their natural earthy tones and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.

What Colors that Go Well with Terracotta Tiles?

Terracotta material pairs well with lots of different colors! The key is to focus on complementary design elements that are both practical and unique. This will help pull your room’s style together. Here are a few on-trend examples.

Earth Tones

When you’re looking for a dash of Mother Nature’s earthy charm, start with the look and feel of Terracotta’s warm tones of orange, gold, or red for your floor tiling. Build up from there with rustic elements that channel a cozy, inviting ambiance (think reclaimed furniture, wool blankets, or a copper stove hood). Paint your walls olive green for added peaceful vibes.

Also, terracotta floor tiles have a mildly grainy surface texture that is pleasant to the touch. When used as flooring, they have a satin finish that is slightly textured, giving them a rustic feel underfoot. But if you prefer a gloss or shinier finish, that’s possible, too!

Subtle Shades

It’s simply amazing how the soft tones of Terracotta tile’s texture can transform a space. Play with muted tile shades like pale pink or butter white for your bathroom shower surround. Pair marbled Manganese tile flooring, a type of durable terracotta, with French doors for a bright and breezy touch.

Standout Splashes

Deep, vivid colors are another match made in heaven for Terracotta material. If you want to invite fresh energy into your space, try a neutral Terracotta floor tile tone and go bold with your wall colors and accent décor. We’re loving deep teal and lush red this fall.

Explore even more ideas with our Ultimate Guide to Terracotta Tile (video).

How to Make Terracotta Floor Tiles Look Nice with Other Types of Flooring and Tiles

These clay tile floor tiles can adapt to the current textures, patterns, and materials you already use in your home – including flooring! Here are two examples:

1. Wood Floor + Manganese Saltillo

The chocolatey swirls of Manganese Terracotta material perfectly complement natural woodgrains. Create an artistic statement in your hallway with a Manganese tile accent border around a dark hardwood floor.

2. Cement Tiles + Natural Terracotta Material & Tones

The bold colors of Cement tiles are an excellent companion for Terracotta tile’s texture and organic tones. Install bright Cement tiles poolside, with Terracotta floor tiling on the patio.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

How to Make Terracotta Tiles Look Modern

It’s a snap to take your space from classic to contemporary with Terracotta tiles. It’s all about patterns and contrasts.

Start with Geometric Shapes

Try these:

  1. Hexagon – a classic 6-sided tile that’s remained timeless through the generations.
  2. Rectangle – a most versatile shape that creates patterns like herringbone, running brick, basketweave, and more.
  3. Square – a 4-sided geometric shape that doesn’t have to be boring. Inlay decorative tiles or turn on an angle for design appeal.

Pro Tip: Try large square tiles on your patio for a streamlined appearance under area rugs. Also, Antique Saltillo terracotta tiles texture adds a natural nonslip surface. Install a rectangular tile floor in your living room for subtle sophistication.

Next, Lock in Some Dynamic Color Contrasts

Three trends to test:

  1. Hot and cold: Combine Mission Red Terracotta floor tile with cool wall tones in your bedroom.
  2. Dark and light: Use natural Terracotta tile tones such as beige and light gray on your bathroom floor. Add a contrasting black and white Cement tile backsplash for your focus.
  3. Big and small: Mix large and small hexagonal tile sizes to create an eye-catching pattern in the foyer.

Our geometric shapes come in plenty of sizes, thicknesses, and colors – so go ahead and get custom!

There you have it. From walk-in closets to walk-out patios, and kitchens to baths, this perfectly imperfect tile is ready to help you create some magic in your home.

So why not let your creativity run wild and experiment with different terracotta tile textures, patterns, colors, and layouts? And if you need any assistance or expert advice on how to bring your vision to life, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you turn your dream project into a reality. So go ahead, contact us, and let’s chat about your terracotta tile ideas today! Trust us, it’ll be a “tile-ing” experience!

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