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Terracotta Floor Tile Designs

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Take your Spanish-style home from boring to tantalizing with terracotta floor tile designs.  In fact, gone on the days of unadorned floors.  Color, shapes, sizes… it all expresses your home style.  Don’t. Be. Boring.

spanish mission red terracotta tile
Riviera Pattern with Cement Tile Backsplash Tile

So, where should you start?  I’ve put together five essential steps for picking terracotta floor tile designs that could be perfect for your space.  These guidelines might not be suitable for everyone, but hey… this is kind of our thing.  No, it’s really our thing.  Take whatever valuable tips from this that you can use!

botella tile pattern
Botella & Coping in Antique Saltillo with Talavera Pool Tile

Pick a style for your home

Step 1 – First, determine your style.  I keep mentioning Spanish-style homes because those homes naturally call for terracotta floor tile designs.  For example, maybe you’re more Mediterranean-focused.  Is Moroccan your thing?  How about country-living Tuscan style?  Working on a beach-side home? (In which case, my introverted self is jealous of your salty air, ocean breeze, and sounds of thundering waves.)


Ok – I’m back.  My point is this. Terracotta floor tile designs add to any style.  But you need to determine what that style is so you can focus on filling in the next few steps.  Your home style directly influences tile colors, shapes, and sizes.

mexican saltillo tile colors
We make 4 Saltillo Tile Colors in pattern, shape, & size.

Pick your terracotta tile color

Next, pick your color.  Did you know that our terracotta floor tile designs come in 4 finishes?  Plus, each terracotta floor design finish is available sealed or unsealed.  First, I’ll start with what’s most common – Traditional terracotta Saltillo.  The traditional finish ranges from deep terracotta hues of orange, red, and golden or cream blends.  Left unsealed, these Spanish floor tiles have deep colors that become pastel for a lighter look.

mexican saltillo tile austin texas
Manganese Riviera Pattern

Next, there’s Manganese terracotta saltillo. I love our manganese finish. It boasts light and dark shades of brown.  Merlot shades bleed through from the clay body. And some tiles have a black swirling or marbled effect. Glorious.  Not Boring!

Also, we make our iconic Spanish Mission Red finish. These floors boast dark terracotta colors with only traces of lighter shades for a monochromatic look. Choose any of our Saltillo floor tile patterns in Spanish Mission Red.

Lastly is the Antique finish. This textured terracotta tile is made to look like reclaimed terracotta. It has varying shades of mission red, and each tile is hand-textured for an old-world look.

Decide which color is ideal for your style, and then focus on picking your shape.

Pick a terracotta floor tile pattern

Thirdly, there’s a shape for every space! Square, Rectangular, Hexagon, Octagon, Botella, San Felipe, Fleur de Lis.  Want me to keep going?  We have many shapes for creating terracotta floor tile designs.  Not only that but several of our shapes come in different sizes.

octagon mexican terracotta tile floor
12×12 Octagon Traditional Saltillo & Talavera Tiles

For example, consider square or rectangular terracotta tile to keep it classic. Square doesn’t need to be boring.  Remember, that’s what you’re avoiding. You can run a square saltillo tile diagonally through your room.  Or lay it in a running brick pattern. But get creative from room to room to keep it moving.

mission red spanish tile
16×16 Square & Riviera Pattern – Gloss Topcoat Sealer

Are you looking for that “oh wow” response from your friends?  As an example, consider the Riviera Saltillo tile pattern.  This is a 2-tile pattern using our San Felipe and Fleur de Lis tiles. There’s no turning back from these types of terracotta floor tile designs.

Pick a size in terracotta floor tile

Next, scale your space.  Also, don’t pick a small format tile for ample open spaces.  It will look busy and choppy.  If you have tall ceilings and large rooms, go with large-format terracotta floor tile designs.  For instance, if you’re tiling a mudroom or smaller bedroom, that’s where you can stick the smaller terracotta tiles.

12x24 saltllo tile
12×24 Manganese Saltillo Tile

In addition, outdoor spaces are ideal for antique terracotta tiles in large sizes.  The antique finish adds a solid non-slip element to outdoor living.

You’re almost there.  You’ve identified your style and picked a color, shape, and size.

Accessorize your home around the terracotta floor tile designs

Step 5 – Finally, install it and move on to accessorizing around your terracotta floor tile designs!  Once the foundation of your personal oasis has been set, it’s much easier to combine all design elements for a cohesive look.

In conclusion, terracotta floor tile design decisions can be overwhelming.  Check out our white-glazed Mexican floor tiles. 

Also, we’re here to help if you get stuck on Spanish-style home decor. Just give us a call or order some samples!  And most importantly – Make Every Space Count!

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