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4 Reasons We Love Saltillo Tiles

Saltillo tiles are a tapestry of earth and fire. Molded by hand and cherished for generations, these sunbaked, kiln-fired Mexican clay tiles infuse any living space with warmth and beauty. Here are four reasons we’re head over heels for Saltillo tiles.

#1 Timeless Appeal

Saltillo tiles unite time-honored tradition with artistic modern living. A mainstay in homes and businesses throughout history, your Saltillo tile floor will still be just as stylish in 20 or 30 (or 100) years as it is today.

While the shipping, sealer, and maintenance process for Saltillo tiles has advanced, their striking appearance remains an alluring classic. Our authentic tiles are available in a wide array of shapes, including:

  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Fleur de Lis
  • San Felipe

We craft our tiles in many sizes and thicknesses, and we can even help you create a custom pattern to achieve the perfect look. If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind design for your space, you’ve found it.

#2 Variety of Shapes, Sizes, & Colors

Color options have expanded over the years, and we’re thrilled to offer our Mexican Saltillo clay tiles in a beautiful selection of finishes.

  • Traditional Saltillo: Also known asTerra Cotta, this color comes in warm tones that run the gamut from red and orange to yellow and gold.
  • Manganese Saltillo: With shades ranging from dark to light brown, Manganese can also have Terra Cotta colors or black swirls that show through for an elegant contrast to neutral room tones.
  • Antique Saltillo: This finish evolved about a decade ago due to the high demand for reclaimed Terracotta tiles. It has an Old-World appearance and textured feel but costs considerably less than imported reclaimed Terracotta.
  • Spanish Mission Red Saltillo: A relative newcomer to the Saltillo world, this alluring shade is a customer favorite. It’s reminiscent of historic-style Mission tiles.
  • Antique Mission Red: Customers loved our Spanish Mission Red so much that we added it as an antique, textured option, too.

Rustic sitting rooms, modern kitchens, luxurious master baths – whatever you have in mind, there’s a Saltillo tile color that matches your personal style.

#3 Durability of Saltillo Tile Floors

When made by a skilled craftsman with the right tools, these tiles are strong and long-lasting. It’s a simple equation: Superior clay + sound manufacturing process + multiple coats of sealer = durable tile.

These fortified tiles are also easy to clean and maintain – a regular old broom or hose will suffice. Just be sure to stick with high-quality topcoat sealer to reduce ongoing sealer maintenance.

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#4 Affordability of Saltillo Floor Tile

Modern Saltillo tile is found in countless high-end living spaces, like mansions and beach homes, so you might think they’re out of your price range. But here’s the good news: they’re surprisingly affordable! Investing in authentic Mexican Saltillo tiles gives you magnificent, custom flooring for budget-friendly prices. Get creative and make your space unique.

There’s so much to love about Saltillo tiles.

They’re the perfectly imperfect tile that enhances the character and style of any space. And with so many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, you can be sure your design is truly unique. This is why we love Mexican tile!

So, if you’re ready to create a welcoming, distinctive living space, jump into the brilliant world of Saltillo floors. We guarantee you’ll fall in love, too.

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