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Why We Love Mexican Tile (And You Should, Too!)

You could say that we’re a ‘little’ passionate about why we LOVE Mexican tile. Okay, maybe we verge toward obsessing over it. But hey – We have a good reason for our infatuation. The tile options are endless, prices are low, and Mexican tile is beautiful! Below are a few reasons why you should LOVE Mexican tile too!

mexican tile

Mexican Tile Has Endless Design Options. We love Mexican tile because the options really never cease.  I’ll start with Saltillo Tile.  This type of terracotta tile is handmade from Saltillo, Coahuila riverbed clay. It comes in dozens of shapes, sizes and colors.  If you’re looking for floor tile to effectuate Spanish flare, Mediterranean ambiance, or Southwestern flavor in your home, then check out our Saltillo Tile options.

spanish floor tile

Adorning a space with Cement Tile is another reason why we love Mexican tile. As a throwback to older Encaustic tiles, these decorative tiles have come light years in quality, design, and customization capabilities.  Cement tile is an ideal choice for adding color to your project space.  Some popular trends call for cement tiles on kitchen floors and backsplashes, bathrooms, and wall coverings. To get it quick for a great price, consider our in-stock MeaLu Collection designs.  If you’re looking for specific colors and design styles, check out the myriad of options in our Traditional Collection.  Each of these cement tile designs can be fully customized for your space.  There are quite literally hundreds of options!

cantera stone tile

Cantera Stone tile is another reason why we love Mexican tile.  Cantera stone comes from quarries in Mexico.  Similar to limestone, Cantera stone originates from quarries in Mexico and comes in a variety of colors.  Outdoor spaces like courtyards, patios and pool decking offer ideal settings for using Cantera stone tile.  When installed properly, Mexican Cantera stone tile will withstand nearly any climate.  Pair your cantera stone tile with a complimentary pool coping, columns, or an outdoor fireplace for a finished look!

cantera stone tile
Recinto Cantera tile and pool coping with Antique Saltillo

Mexican Tile is Easy to Maintain.  As the industry-leading experts in Mexican tile, we know how to make sure your tile is easy to maintain and headache free. It’s starts with installation.   You may have the best recipe in the world for a double fudge chocolate chip cookie, but if quality ingredients and a proper sequence isn’t followed, your cookies will turn out dry, flat and tasteless every time.

We sell proper Mexican tile installation materials for all of our product lines. Once we talk through your sub-floor, we can guide you on proper thinset for your Mexican tile of choice.  We’ll also talk through the ins and outs of using a crack prevention membrane, and whether you need a waterproofing membrane. Our product specialists will point you in the right direction for grout as well. Lastly, we hone in on topcoat sealer for your Mexican tile. With quality topcoat sealer, you’ll eliminate a significant amount of ongoing maintenance throughout the years.  An investment in quality sealer can save hundreds of dollars in the long-run.  If you’re buying your Mexican tile from us, then trust us to guide you with the right installation materials.  It’s in our best interest that you love Mexican tile too.

mexican tile stone surround

Mexican Tile Adds Value to Your Home.  If you haven’t already received a price quote for your Saltillo flooring, Cement tile, or Cantera stone, don’t delay.  We are THE low cost leader for Mexican tile, and we ship worldwide.  Still not convinced? Get a Quote!  Fill out this short form and we’ll send back a price estimate within 1 business day.  (We take phone calls too, of course (512) 260-9111.)  By purchasing Mexican tile at our wholesale prices, you leverage the value of handcrafted material and add significant value to your home.

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile


rustico mexican tile
Saltillo Riverbed Clay – Before it’s tile!
rustico mexican tiles
Hand-making Mexican Tiles

It’s from Mexico!  Yes, we love Mexican tile because it’s from Mexico.  Forgive me for some lovey-dovey stuff here.  Over the years, we’ve gleaned a wide range of relationships with artisans in Mexico who produce, carve, create, and ship our truckloads of tile.  These are real people. They work hard. They love hard.  They care about what they create.  We LOVE them!  Our small Texas staff represents hundreds of people in Mexico who are devoted to helping you create a beautiful space in your home or business.  Don’t forget about the hands behind the tile. These are talented, wonderful people, and we’re humbled to work with them day in and day out.  (I’m on a roll – who needs a HUG?)

love mexican tile
Authentic Mexican Saltillo Tile

I hope you have a better understand for why we love Mexican tile. It’s in our blood, sweat, tears, and homes.  If you’re looking for Mexican tile to love, contact us today.

Until then… Make Every Space Count!