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Mexican Saltillo Tile – Behind the Scenes – How it’s Made

I am PUMPED about this Mexican Saltillo Tile blog post! If you’ve noticed from previous posts, I get a little nostalgic about our counterparts in Mexico. They make every piece of tile that globe-trots into the doors of our Texas warehouses.

Sure, I’m fond of what we produce in Mexico.  It’s splendid in homes and businesses. Mexican Saltillo tile is of great value and is remarkably durable as flooring. That’s all fine and dandy.  Yippee! Learn why we were named the Mexican tile experts on the World’s Greatest TV Show.

Of course, we love our Handmade Mexican Saltillo Tile, but do you know what part of this business I love the most?  OUR PEOPLE!  Not only is the staff at our Texas headquarters A-MAZE-ING, but the 200+ people in Mexico who do their part day in and day out are at the heart of making sure you have stunning flooring.  Have you considered how many of your family memories are made atop the floors of your home? We think about it, which is why we care that our material is made with TLC.

I invite you to watch this short video to learn how Mexican Saltillo tile has been made for generations. Enjoy!

YouTube video

If you’re interested in getting your hands on authentic Mexican Saltillo tile, contact one of our product specialists today.  

We produce Saltillo tile in 5 color finishes, including Traditional, Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, Antique Mission Red, and Antique Saltillo.  We also make custom tiles like our white-glazed Saltillo tile. Each finish is available in multiple shapes and sizes and sealed or unsealed options.  Additionally, we have many Mexican Saltillo tile options for many design styles, including Hacienda, Ranch, Southwestern, Beach homes, Mediterranean, and Tuscan-style homes.  So if you want flooring with rustic handmade characteristics, Mexican Saltillo tile is your choice!


I’m proud to say that we work with some of the best people in the world, one piece of clay at a time.

Make Every Space Count.

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