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Just the right Saltillo floor tile pattern has the power to transform an ordinary living room or kitchen into a space that commands adoration. And, not all of us have an interior designer built into our construction budget to help with those decisions. So, I am here to share a few tips for choosing the perfect Saltillo floor tile pattern for your next project.

riviera pattern mexican saltillo tile

Riviera Pattern in Traditional Sealed Saltillo Tile

Consider the intricacy of a Saltillo floor tile pattern.

Hands-down, a 1-tile pattern yields the best value per square foot when compared to multi-tile patterns. Most people don’t realize that many of our decorative Mexican tile shapes & sizes also offer incredible value. Saltillo floor tile pattern prices increase considerably with multi-tile patterns.  For example, the Versailles pattern is intricate and stunning, but it’s more expensive than a simpler Pinwheel or Square pattern.

octagon saltillo floor tile pattern

12×12 Octagon Saltillo with 4×4 Talavera Tiles

Likewise, the Octagon Saltillo floor tile pattern is more expensive than its sister Hexagon tile. Why? As you can see here, the Octagon tile pattern requires a smaller square tile to complete the overall look.  It is a 2-tile pattern that allows for creativity and colorful Talavera tiles.

manganese hexagon terracotta tile

12×12 Pre-Sealed Manganese Hexagon Saltillo Tile

In comparison, the Hexagon is a 1-tile pattern. This Saltillo flooring is one of my personal favorites, especially with a contrasting color of Saltillo Tile grout!  I recommend this pattern when a client wants something decorative but is held to a strict budget.

saltillo floor tile pattern

Manganese Riviera Saltillo Pattern

Additionally, compare our Riviera Pattern against the San Felipe Saltillo floor tile pattern.  The Riviera pattern is one of our most popular Saltillo flooring options.  It is a 2-tile pattern that uses the San Felipe and Fleur de Lis shape tiles.  Or, consider installing the San Felipe tile solo for a little budgetary savings.  Its decorative shape creates a stunning Spanish style floor.

Choose a tile size that is scaled to your room.

Big areas call for big tiles.  Small areas call for small tiles.  It’s that simple. If you’re working on a whole-home project, consider what is visible from room to room.  I love seeing our grandiose 24” Saltillo tile in open great rooms that blend into kitchens and other living areas, especially when high ceilings are involved.

hexagon saltillo tile

8×8 Hexagon Manganese Saltillo Tile Backsplash

In contrast, use small format tiles for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchen backsplashes. Some Saltillo floor tile pattern ideas for smaller spaces include the Fleur de Lis pattern, the 8×8 Hexagon tile, or a 6×12 Rectangle.  Each of these tiles scales to a quaint area while allowing for a beautiful feel.  Gone are the days of plain ‘ole square tiles everywhere.

Consider the style of your home.

Don’t minimize this point.  The style of your home may hinge on the foundation of its flooring choice. An exciting new trend for Saltillo floor tile pattern options is its use in modern spaces. Terracotta flooring has not been the go-to tile for contemporary or modern homes. But, geometric shapes like Hexagons, Squares, and Rectangles spawn an excellent look for modern spaces.

spanish colonial home flooring

Riviera Pattern in Antique Saltillo Tile for Spanish Colonial Home

However, if your home is Traditional or Spanish style, stick to our vintage shapes of Saltillo flooring patterns. Our Riviera pattern is always a winner for both large and small spaces. Or flirt with the Picket pattern – a 2-tile pattern made from an 8×8 Square and 4×12 Picket tile. Lastly, I like our 6×12 (or any rectangular size) in a traditional herringbone, lattice, or running brick layout.

Saltillo floor tile choices for Outdoor Areas

Lastly, I have one final thought about choosing the perfect Saltillo floor tile pattern. Outdoor tile projects call for an element of function that is not as significant for an indoor tile installation. I recommend that customers purchase our tile pre-sealed. It’s easiest to install, best quality, less maintenance, and less costly in the long run.

outdoor saltillo tile floor

6×12 Antique Saltillo Tile – Running Brick Pattern

But in an outdoor space, texture is critical to reducing the concern for slipping. How do you create texture? Saltillo floor tile patterns! Outdoor areas are perfect for throwing in the towel for a multi-tile pattern. The added grout lines construct extra surface texture on the floor space adding a non-slip attribute.

6x12 mexican floor tile pattern

6×12 Saltillo & 2×2 Talavera – the Lattice Pattern

Some Saltillo floor tile patterns that I love for outdoor spaces include the Herringbone, Octagon, and Riviera. And for even more texture, check out our Antique Saltillo tile finish.  Each tile is hand-textured specifically to create a non-slip surface and an old-world effect.

(Sidenote:  Yes, Saltillo tile can be installed in outdoor spaces when it is installed correctly.  Special attention must be paid to subfloor preparation (waterproofing is a must!) and topcoat sealer. For specific questions related to an outdoor installation of our Saltillo tile, contact us.)

saltillo flooring patterns

San Felipe Flooring Pattern with Square Tiles in Shower

There’s a Saltillo floor tile pattern for everyone.  If you’re not sure what’s ideal for your home, contact us for a consultation. We’re happy to peruse pictures of your rooms or send us a floor plan. Then, we will help you find just the right tile for your budget.

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