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How to Design Kitchens and Bathrooms Using Mexican Tile

Do you feel bored every time you enter your master bath? Do you need to be more inspired when you cook in your kitchen? Don’t despair – Mexican tile is here to save the day!

Whether it’s warm colors, astonishing patterns, or a combination of multiple design elements, these exciting tiles are your ticket to a kitchen or bathroom with unrivaled style.

Diving in!

Planning Stage: What’s Your Design Style?

Many people gravitating towards Mexican tile have a Spanish or rustic vibe in their home. But hang on, contemporary design enthusiasts! These exceptional tiles are trending for your spaces, too. No matter your style, there’s a Mexican tile that matches the vibe. You’ll find these beauties stealing the show in all sorts of architectural styles, including:

  • Modern
  • Hacienda
  • Ranch/Farmhouse
  • Spanish Revival
  • Mediterranean

Eager to get renovating but not sure where to start? No sweat. Just think about the types of Mexican tile colors, patterns, and designs that you love most, and go from there.

mexican tile

Layout Decisions Using Mexican Tile

For any design project, it’s important to think with the end in mind. As you begin planning, try to envision where and how you want decorative Mexican tiles to shine. Close your eyes, picture your space, and follow these three steps.

  1. Identify which parts of your kitchen or bathroom need some TLC. Walls, floors, countertops – there are countless ways Mexican tiles can spruce up a space.
  2. Think about what colors speak to you. Maybe you’re a fan of soft shades of brown or flip for bold shades of red. Maybe you love the combination of bright and muted colors.
  3. Consider the ‘final look’ for the layout, then work backward. For example, do you see a vibrant Mexican floor tile, a colorful glazed terracotta tile backsplash for your sink, or a dashing pattern for your shower walls? That’s your design finish line.

Your choices at this stage will set the tone for the overall design of your Mexican tile kitchen or bathroom moving forward.

Flooring Decisions

Floors are the ultimate design playground. You’ve got multiple types of Mexican floor tiles to choose from and countless color, pattern, size, and shape combinations at your fingertips. Keep the floor design subdued to make other room accents pop – or flip it around, installing decorative flooring that stands out against understated a Mexican tile kitchen backsplash and soft wall colors. Meet your Mexican floor tile lineup:

  • Saltillo for Mexican Tile Kitchens & Baths: The no-brainer. This tile is the go-to choice for homeowners, and with good reason. Saltillo floors are beloved for their rich, earthy colors, historical artistry, and impressive versatility. Use them on their own, or incorporate lively Cement or Talavera accent tiles into the design for extra flare. Bonus points for matching the accent tiles to the Mexican tile kitchen backsplash!
  • Cantera Stone Tile: The elegant partner. If you’re looking for a killer combo of strength and sophistication, meet Cantera. This natural stone tile’s unique texture and monochromatic colors make it the perfect companion for more dramatic tiles. Plus, its moisture-resistant properties mean you’ll never have to worry about how it will perform around a sink or in the shower.
  • Cement Tile for Kitchen and Modern Mexican Tile Bathroom Floors: The show-off. Get ready for a rush of energy when you go all-out with a dramatic, colorful Mexican tile kitchen and bathroom. It’s vibrant, customizable, and oh-so-irresistible on the floor of any kitchen or bathroom. Modern Mexican tile bathroom floors are here to stay, with gorgeous cement tiles as their foundation.

Choose one type of Mexican floor tile or select a combination – your options are wide open here! And you really can’t go wrong.

Mexican Tile Kitchen Backsplash

From gourmet chefs to frozen dinner fans, everyone spends time in the kitchen. Why not make yours a place that’s exciting to cook in?

Sinks get a ton of use, so the Mexican tile kitchen backsplash is an ideal place for homeowners to create an attention-grabbing design that also serves a protective function. We’ll give you four good reasons to get on board with a colorful Mexican tile backsplash:

  1. Bright colors
  2. Complex patterns
  3. Mix-and-match appeal
  4. Strength and durability

Mexican tiles will give your backsplash a “wow” factor that’s unlike any other. Ready to talk specifics? Take your pick:

Saltillo Backsplash Tile: for small designs with a big personality.

Saltillo backsplash tiles excel in smaller patterns. Consider 6″ hexagons or Fleur de Lis designs, which will bring the classic warmth of terracotta tones right up your walls.

Cement Backsplash Tile: for modern Mexican tile fun.

Get funky, get creative, and dive into a pattern that’s all ‘you’ with customizable Cement tile patterns. These tiles add an unexpected twist that pairs effortlessly with your existing cabinetry, counters, or flooring.

Talavera Backsplash Tile: for iconic style.

Talavera tiles are a mainstay of Spanish and Hacienda style homes, but you can invite them into any space for showstopping results. And think beyond the sink because these hand-painted tiles look fantastic paired with complementary Talavera drawer pulls or kitchen cabinet knobs, too.

Any of these tiles can provide beauty, protection, and long-lasting style to your Mexican tile kitchen. The design you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

Do Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles Have to Match?

In a word, no. There’s nothing wrong with combining different types of Mexican tiles to get a striking décor impact – in fact, interior designers encourage it! But if you do choose to go “mismatched,” we recommend keeping the tiles within a coordinated style. This will allow for a functional space with different tile textures, shapes, and patterns without losing a cohesive theme in the home.

For example:

  • Complementary Tones: If your modern Mexican tile bathroom features multi-colored tiles, choose a shade that matches one of those tones for your kitchen tile.
  • Hacienda Artistry: Combine Saltillo and Talavera tiles in traditional Spanish-style patterns for a unified atmosphere.

Matched tiles are also dashing in any space! For example:

  • Solo Flair: Do you have a guest bathroom off your kitchen?If so, choose a single, vibrant color (or pattern) of Cement tile to use as flooring in both rooms. You’ll get a seamless design flow between the two areas and open your floor plan for a larger-looking space.

Matched or mixed, you do you!

Mexican tiles are incredibly adaptable, which makes them a delight to incorporate into any home. In fact, they star in countless designs each year, and we love the latest looks for kitchens and bathrooms!

Go from so-so to stupendous with warm tones and inviting patterns of Mexican tile flooring.

  • Manganese Saltillo tile offers a rich, layered complement to cabinets, center islands, and cookware.
  • Spanish Mission Red Saltillo tile takes a kitchen from shy to dynamic with its deep brick red and terracotta colors.
  • Patterns provide depth and definition to kitchen food prep areas. For instance, consider Fleur de Lis, Super Square, and San Felipe. Or go off-book and pick out custom shapes and sizes.
  • Cement tile is old-world-meets-new-world gorgeous in rich, solid-color designs. Think soft Café or Oxford Gray, which highlight dark wood kitchen elements. Or radiant shades like Gold or Rojo Palo Alto for a dazzling focal point.
san felipe manganese saltillo tile flooring

Next, Mexican bathroom tiles are on a hot streak, so don’t miss out! These spaces are often on the smaller side, which gives you the perfect opportunity to try out more daring designs and colors.

  • Saltillo tile: Create a striking shower surround or refresh your countertops with creative Saltillo tile designs. Install a two-tile Saltillo pattern in bright, solid colors for a one-of-a-kind character, or try the Riviera pattern for something more intricate.
  • Combos: Punch up the personality by combining Saltillo tiles with other colorful Mexican tile bathroom varieties. For example, pair the Octagon Saltillo pattern with Talavera tile accents.
  • Cement tiles: Upgrade your bathroom walls with a stunning Cement tile pattern. You’ll be rewarded with unique texture and historical artistry that’s sure to impress. Try these:
    • Philadelphia pattern – a serene blue with detailed lines.
    • Girasol pattern – a joyful design with gold and cream elements.
    • Lush, solid-colored tiles in combination with Talavera accents.

Lots to consider! Take some time to enjoy exploring all the possibilities, and you’ll soon find that the colors and patterns you’re meant to have in your Mexican tile kitchen or bathroom will shine through.

Mexican tiles can be trendy, traditional, and nearly anything in between, from Spanish revival to postmodern chic. With our wide selection of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes, you can enjoy a timeless design that ages beautifully with your home for decades.

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