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Terracotta Floor Tiles In Rustic Home Decor

Terracotta Floor Tiles In Rustic Home Decor

patterns, shapes & sizes

Terracotta as a design trend has made something of a resurgence in recent years. One of the most popular ways that homeowners add a touch of terracotta to their homes is with terracotta floor tiles.

They are excellent ways to achieve a rustic home decor style in any house, thanks to their earthy and toasty burnt orange tones.

Let’s jump in.

Clay Tile Patterns

2-tile patterns

Throughout North America and Mexico, Saltillo tiles are the top choice for people that want durable yet affordable terracotta floor tiles. At Rustico Tile & Stone, we offer many different patterns of Saltillo tiles.

Bonus! The clay tiles are an eco-friendly flooring option, too!

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For example, you could create picket patterns: they are two-tile patterns that are a timeless classic for anyone looking to create a rustic home decor theme in their homes. In fact, the picket terracotta tiles pattern is comprised of an 8×8-inch square and a 4×12 inch picket tile.

picket terracotta tile pattern
Picket Saltillo Terracotta Tile Pattern

Also, another popular choice is the Octagon pattern. This terracotta floor is perfect for creating an iconic-looking Mexican-style floor when paired with colorful painted Talavera tiles.

octagon mexican tile floor
Octagon & Talavera Tile

Look for something even more decorative? Explore our handmade Cement Tile product line!

Shapes of Terracotta Floor Tiles

decorative & geometric

Some people wrongly assume that terracotta floor tiles only come in square or rectangular shapes. The truth is, you can let your imagination run wild with the different shapes on offer, including those that we offer at Rustico Tile & Stone.

So, you could have clay tiles in octagonal or hexagonal shapes, riviera-style ones, and even the ever-popular San Felipe shapes.

antique riviera pattern saltillo
Antique Riviera Pattern

Watch this video for some great tips to pick the best tile patterns!


tips for size selection

Lastly, terracotta floor tiles are available in numerous sizes for all your Spanish tiling needs. Size examples include 3×3, 8×8, 12×12, and even 24×24. Also, we offer many sizes in between. Plus, we can also create custom-sized tiles for any unique requirements.

spanish mission floor tile
16×16 Spanish Mission Red Saltillo with Cantera Stone Fireplace

Our rule of thumb is this. Select the largest size tile that your budget allows. But for small or choppy spaces, consider smaller format Spanish tiles. At the end of the day, choose the size tile that you like best in your space!

Some of our Favorite Terracotta Tile Floors

Mexican Saltillo flooring

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