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Mexican Quarry Tile Tips for Home Interiors

You’re midway through building the Spanish-style home of your dreams. Mexican quarry tile is the foundation of all things to come with your interior design plans.  The finishing phase is soon to drive you over a cliff, though.  Decisions to make.  Deadlines to meet.  Who really wants to ponder the pros and cons of handles versus knobs in your kitchen?

Maybe I can offer a slight reprieve.  Let me offer advice on making the most of your Mexican quarry tile within the big scheme of your home interior design.  If you get the foundation of your design right, it’s far easier to add layers of design that make sense!

Your home is most likely made up of several rooms.  Unless that is, you’re building one giant igloo to encompass all facets of your home… in which case, there are probably more significant issues to discuss in your life.  Just keeping it real, people.

terracotta kitchen tile
Riviera Pattern in Antique Saltillo Tile

Each room with Mexican quarry tile has its own personality.  Send bold statements of a room’s function or mood with different shapes and sizes of Mexican quarry tile.  A bedroom, for example, with hexagon saltillo flooring, is a playful space for children.  And since this tile can take a beating of everyday life, it’s a perfect choice for rowdy adolescents.

spanish style bedroom with saltillo floor tile
San Felipe Pattern in Traditional Saltillo

Consider adding a luxurious feel to the bedroom with this San Felipe pattern Mexican quarry tile.  This is a 2-tile pattern using the San Felipe and Fleur de Lis saltillo tiles.  We also love this pattern in formal spaces, like dining rooms and offices.

mexican tile austin tx
Traditional Saltillo & Talavera Tiles in Shower

Since bathrooms are typically smaller spaces in a home, these are great areas to explore color.  Talavera tiles mixed with Mexican quarry tile in this bathroom pair nicely with coordinating knobs and fixtures.  And go bananas by adding a matching Talavera trashcan or artwork on the wall!

Once you’ve selected just the right Mexican quarry tile patterns for your specific rooms, it’s easier to consider the surrounding design elements.  Textiles such as bedding and window coverings balance out hard flooring surfaces.  Consider velvet or plush fabrics in master bedrooms to reinforce the idea of a romantic getaway.

rustic style kitchen
12×12 Traditional Saltillo with Manganese Accents

Neutral tones of window coverings in kitchens and living rooms allow imagination for a spicy statement.  Or skip fabric altogether and focus on mixing metals from appliances and wooden shades on windows to keep it rustic.

A house filled with mixed textures is an inviting space for house guests. Avoid the sterile feel of clean lines and monotone colors with Mexican quarry tile.  This flooring naturally adds texture through wide grout lines and rustic, handmade characteristics of the tile.  You can add even more texture with finishes like Antique Saltillo tile.

antique saltillo tile austin
Sealed Antique Saltillo with Dark Grout Rub

While Antique Saltillo Mexican quarry tile is commonly found outdoors for nonslip functions, we also love it indoors!  Look at the warmth of this Spanish Colonial-style kitchen.  All elements come together – a textured Antique saltillo floor, painted Talavera tiles, mixed metals of appliances, and light fixtures.  Sign me up to make some table-side guacamole for my guests in this kitchen!

Antique Saltillo Mexican quarry tile is hand-textured piece-by-piece.  This texturing creates a naturally non-slip surface, bringing in warm tones from the clay.

Maybe you’re in the homestretch of your new home build or remodel.  Maybe you’re just in the planning phases.  My point is this.  Get the foundation right.  You can’t go wrong with Mexican quarry tile because it’s so darn versatile.  And once you get that right, start layering on the elements. Make Every Space Count!

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