Mexican Saltillo Tile for Sale in Texas

Are you looking for Saltillo Tile in Texas?  Look no further!  We’re a Texas-based company leading the charge of distribution for authentic, handmade Mexican Saltillo tile.

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12×12 Sealed Super Saltillo in Traditional Color Finish

Howdy! We’re Rustico Tile and Stone.  It’s nice to “meet” y’all!  Located just outside of Austin, we ship the majority of Saltillo tile in Austin, Texas and throughout our state.  While we also ship to other corners of the earth, there are many reasons why our fellow Texans keep us busy around our beloved state.

We have the lowest prices.  It’s really that simple.  As the largest manufacturer for authentic Saltillo tile in Mexico, we pass through low wholesale prices to all of our customers for Saltillo tile in Texas.  When that low price is paired with steeply discounted shipping rates, the result is an unbeatable delivered value.  Think I’m pulling your leg?  Try us out and Get a Quote for your project.

saltillo tile austin texas

Sealed Fleur de Lis Saltillo in Antique (textured) Finish

We have the best quality and variety.  Don’t mistake our low prices for marginal quality.  We, at Rustico Tile and Stone, feel passionately about the quality of our Mexican Saltillo tile in Austin, Texas.  Hands down, we produce the best quality Saltillo tile in the market.  99% of our customers buy presealed saltillo tile which has 5 coats of penetrating sealer applied.  This means it’s ready-to-install when it reaches your project space.  Install the tile, clean up the floor and apply 1 final topcoat sealer for your finish.  Done.

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mexican saltillo tile austin texas

Riviera Pattern in Sealed Manganese Saltillo Floor Tile

This goes for any of our shapes, sizes, and finishes.  We carry a product line full of variety with Saltillo tile in Austin, Texas.  Shapes and patterns include: square, rectangular, hexagon tiles, octagon tile pattern, arabesque, fleur de lis, and our decorative Riviera pattern.  Within our patterns are a number of size options and color finishes.

Consider Traditional saltillo tile for Mexican hacienda and southwestern decor styles.

Manganese saltillo tile offers neutral and brown tones that are ideal for contemporary and Mediterranean styles.

And check out Antique saltillo for an old-world textured tile that is reminiscent of reclaimed terracotta.  Regardless of your home interior style, there is a Saltillo tile in Austin, Texas for you.

riviera pattern saltillo tile

Riviera Pattern in Traditional Sealed Saltillo Tile Flooring

We ship all over Texas and beyond.  A large amount of our tile gets shipped outside the borders of the lone star state.  But there are some booming areas locally for Saltillo tile in Austin, Texas.  For example, you can find Saltillo tile in Houston in ample amounts.  We ship Saltillo tile to Houston weekly.  Saltillo tile in Dallas is another hot spot for our materials.  West Texas isn’t forgotten with shipments of Mexican Saltillo tile to Midland and Odessa on a regular basis.  This Mexican tile flooring is a great option for ranches out west!  Customers can pick up saltillo tile at our facility in the Rio Grande Valley.  And of course – we have Saltillo tile for sale in Austin, Texas!

Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile

Antique Riviera Bathroom Saltillo Tile

Don’t panic if you’re not in Texas.  Our shipping rates are tough be beat.  If you want to buy beautiful Mexican Saltillo tile from Texas, we will ship it!

Contact one of our Mexican tile specialists today for pricing, interior design tips, or for general questions.

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Saltillo Tile for Sale in Texas

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  • Lisa Clarke says:

    Hello. I have roughly 2500 square feet of late 1970s authentic Saltillo tile (dog foot prints included!). I have to have it removed next week because some of it has been ruined by water seepage and a new moisture barrier is thus required under all of our flooring. However, MOST of the tile is in great shape. Also, the floor demo company is using a process that pops out the tiles intact. So, the tiles are totally reusable. I can’t live with the idea of these gorgeous authentic vintage tiles going into a landfill. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN CLAIMING THEM??

  • Melanie says:

    Hi Lisa – Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are not able to claim your tiles. I’m sure they have a beautiful history! That said, we regularly donate tile to local charities going through rebuilding processes. I’m sure you can find an appreciative charity who can put the tile to good use!

  • Mary Ann Scott says:

    Hello Lisa
    We are redoing a house that was effected by Harvey and would love the tile if you still have it. You can email me at [email protected]

  • Melanie says:

    Hi Mary Ann – Thanks for reaching out! We love helping those people who have gone through natural disasters. Someone from my team will reach out to you today via email!

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