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5 (Must-Have) Tips for Modern Rustic Style Home Decor

modern rustic style

Is your style a little bit gregarious, a bit rough around the edges, but a little bit glitzy too? If that’s you, welcome to the Modern Rustic Style way of life. I’m a massive fan of anything rustic with the feel of something contemporary. This battle of styles has been the catalyst for creating a new genre of home interiors – Modern Rustic Style.

The modern rustic style combines natural beauty with traditional materials. It mixes brushed metals, textures, neutral colors, and a warm ambiance. It’s hard to narrow down my list of must-haves for this post because this style has many outstanding elements. But, I’m keeping it to what I consider to be the five essential Must Have’s.

rustic style home

1. The Setting. What speaks more rustic than a home nestled amid a canopy of trees? Maybe you have a mountain home where you can watch deer sipping from a running stream beyond your back deck? If you have the option of planning your home to be set in nature, this is the foundation for establishing your modern rustic style.

Modern rustic mountain home

Next, consult your architect to design a home with bold, clean lines that create a contemporary architectural style. This is an emphatic point to modernize a home rooted in natural surroundings.

Manganese Hexagon Mexican Tile

2. Natural Elements. One of the reasons I love nature is my inherent connection with living things outdoors. Evaluate your style and select natural elements like wood, textiles, brick, and grass. Modern rustic-style homes often display beautiful mahogany wood flooring and ceiling beams. I love the Manganese Saltillo Tile flooring trend, as seen with this hexagon tile pattern. Manganese Saltillo is a (clay) tile that blends neutral, dark, and subdued brown colors with hues of terracotta. Saltillo tile is an inexpensive, durable, and low-maintenance flooring option, and the natural color range opens up versatility for your modern rustic décor accents.

rustic fireplace

3. Fireplace. Don’t you love cozying up to a grand fireplace and its inviting, warm ambiance? It’s the perfect setting for catching up on a good book, spending time with friends, and cashing in on that long-overdue siesta.

rustic style fireplace
Rustic Style Stone Fireplace

This stone fireplace serves as the primary focal point for this living room. Each stone was set in place by hand during construction. Decorative terracotta tiles trim the firebox while surrounding décor boasts the latest trends in home decorating. The design of your fireplace is an area where you can “play” with modern rustic style.

modern rustic style

4. Colors. Keep it light, neutral, and straightforward. A modern rustic-style home should feel very light and airy. Muted paint colors are ideal, along with large, revealing windows. Natural sunlight makes any space come alive, accentuating your other chosen elements of décor. The contrast of neutral paint colors, natural sunlight, and dark wood or tile flooring lends itself to being a sanctuary for peacefulness on a quiet day.

modern rustic coffee table

5. Artwork. Just look at this coffee table. It’s wondrous rustic driftwood crafted into a modern-style coffee table. Yes, I consider this artwork along with anything crafted by hand.

Modern rustic artwork is the jewelry to your space. Remember all the neutral paint colors and loads of sunlight you’ve carefully implemented? Now is the time to pop some color into your modern, rustic home. Be cautious not to overdo too many bold colors because you want to keep the feel of nature. This is another area of home décor where you can play and display home accents, upholstery, linens, rugs, or wall art that reflects your personality and your family’s culture.

The point of a modern rustic style is to get the natural feel of a rural dwelling with the conveniences of a contemporary home. Consider these five trademark elements for your modern rustic-style home.

Make Every Space Count.

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