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Spanish Tile Elements: A Rustic Elegance

The flea market regulars out there know that handmade and artisanal products are all the rage these days. You, too, can transform your home into a personal art gallery by including some basic Spanish tile elements. This augments rustic and elegant properties reminiscent of the Old World. Check out these ideas for adding Spanish tile elements to your home.

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Terra-Cotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta clay roof tiles are attractive and add a rustic look that works in a desert or Mediterranean environment. Being made of clay and other natural materials, this roof style is durable without compromising beautiful curb appeal. Terra-Cotta roof tiles are fireproof and can last for over 100 years. What’s not to love? They’re low-maintenance and good for the environment!

Talavera Painted Mexican Tiles with Cantera Stone Hood, Trim, and Countertops. Antique Saltillo Tile Flooring.

Hand-Painted Tile

Hand-painted tile is characteristic of Spanish Colonial design and adds a colorful touch to a home. It also functions as a border or accent to balconies, archways, and stairs. Also known as Talavera tiles, these Spanish tiles are available in various designs like pointed stars, intricate knots, floral patterns, and medallions. These added elements make hand-painted tile an authentic Spanish look. If you want to add a bold statement, you can always enlist an artist to create a Talavera tile mural. We know lots of great artists! This Spanish Revival style uses different patterns to highlight a home’s unique parts, like a terrace or a fountain.

Antique Riviera Pattern for this Bathroom’s Saltillo Tile
RTS1.1 Amalia Pattern in Cement Tile

Spanish Tile Flooring

Spanish tile flooring is a popular option due to its variety in color and shapes. Not only is this floor unique and attractive, but it has many added benefits. Many people opt for Spanish tile flooring because it’s a solid color throughout the body of the tile. Many companies use materials that are great for the environment and offer various textures. Also, with proper installation, some Spanish tiles are even used in climates with freeze cycles. Popular styles include Talavera, Cement Tile, and Saltillo tile flooring.

Spanish Tile in Manganese Saltillo Hexagon as a Backsplash

Color Palette

Spanish tile elements come in a variety of color palettes. The authentic look is rustic colors, including neutral and earthy tones. These colors range from warm tans, terracotta reds, and orange to peach tones. However, some people opt for splashes of bright colors to mix things up. Dare to be bold!

Talavera Tile as Risers and Saltillo Tile as Stair Treads

Tile Patterns

Different tile patterns are also characteristic of Spanish Colonial design. If a traditional look is your thing, square and straight-set tile is the optimal choice. On the other hand, if you feel like you want to add some fun elements, a touch of color can create a festive appearance. Other popular patterns include star and cross designs, which enhance the hand-painted tile.

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Saltillo Tile Patterns

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