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4 House Hacks for Spanish Style Home Decor

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Is your home is begging for the transformation of Spanish style home decor seen on the beachfront of Mexico?   If your home has the structural bones in place, the right curbside appeal, then you can believe in the potential of design transformation! Check out these four easy house hacks to create the Spanish Style Home decor of your dreams!

spanish style home tile
12×12 Traditional Saltillo Tile Flooring

House Hack #1 – Flooring. Yes, Spanish tile is near and dear to my heart, so I’ll start with this topic.  Shocker, I know.  I recommend you approach creating your Spanish-style home decor from its foundation – flooring.  Mexican tile flooring offers many options for you to consider. Handmade Saltillo tile is the most traditional for Spanish-style home decor.  Keep it classic with Traditional Saltillo and its range of terracotta colors. Read more about everything you need to create a Spanish-style home.

Manganese Saltillo Riviera Pattern
Manganese Saltillo in the Riviera Pattern

Or give your Spanish tile flooring a spin with Manganese Saltillo (brown tones) or Antique Saltillo (textured, old-world look).

antique saltillo tile

Antique Saltillo tile is hand-textured and offers a perfect solution for outdoor areas that require a nonslip finish.

Want to See It In Your Room?

Room Visualizer Tool

When you buy this type of Spanish tile terracotta flooring, buy it pre-sealed to save on cost and overall maintenance.  With a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns from which to choose, Saltillo tile is the perfect choice for creating a space laden with Spanish-style home decor trends.

spanish style lighting
Spanish Style Lighting

House Hack #2 – Lighting. Lighting is an easy hack to accomplish – both indoors and outdoors. Spanish-style home decor typically boasts decorative iron chandeliers and bronze or copper sconces. Check out some of my favorite choices for adding the right flavor to your up-and-coming Spanish-style home.

Illuminate your outdoor walkways with wall lights, posts, and street lanterns.  I love sconces in hallways or spaces across large mirrors where the light can be reflected.

spanish style home decor
Spanish Style Home Decor – Lighting, Flooring, and Stone Features

Iron chandeliers soften typical Spanish-style home decor elements such as stone fireplaces and columns. Use your lighting choices to dress up your home and solidify your Spanish-style design choice.

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House Hack #3 – Architectural Features. Decorative pillows and pottery are cute, but let’s think bigger and bolder. One of a Spanish-style home’s most visible elements is its architectural features.  Tasteful Spanish-style features create a focal point in rooms or a gathering place in homes.

pinon cantera stone fireplace surround
Pinon Cantera Stone Fireplace

Consider a Cantera stone fireplace hand-carved with decorative elements to match your style. Chunky wooden beams add an inviting ambiance to grand living rooms.

Finally, consider bringing your living space to the outdoors by gathering friends and family around a Cantera stone fountain or firepit.  Who doesn’t love smores around a firepit?

mexican tile floor and decor
Cement Tile Risers with Manganese Saltillo Hexagon and Stair Coping Tiles

House Hack #4 – Color. I love color and the personality that it adds to a Spanish-style home. Do you want to modernize a room with a monochromatic color theme? Or perhaps you’d like to spice up your kitchen with bold patterns?  Either way, your color choice will complete the entire Spanish-style home decor look.

concrete tile flooring
Cement Tile for Bathrooms – durable and timeless.

Here’s where we can talk about pillows and pottery, but let’s go beyond the decorative surface and explore color with tile.  Tile is artwork when done right. Cement tile is a go-to for a Spanish-style home.  Encaustic-style Cement Tile comes in a plethora of designs and colors.  Its beauty is met alongside its function and durability, making it a favorite choice for adding color.

Ideal areas of the home to use decorative tile include kitchen flooring and backsplashes, bathroom flooring and showers, patio flooring, and entryways. I especially like the impact that colorful cement tiles have when used as wall tiles.  Wall tiles create a stunning focal point. Do something daring and add colorful tiles to your Spanish-style home.

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