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Reasons to Fall in Love with Hexagon Tile Patterns

Whether You’re Restoring The 19th Century, Long-Ago Forgotten Home Or Building A Sleek And Modern Style Home, Hexagon Tiles Patterns Are A Natural Choice For Flooring Or Walls. This Classic Honeycomb Pattern Continues To Adorn Homes Since The 19th Century. And Because Of The Rising Trend For Hexagon Tile Patterns, We Expect To See It Around For Another Couple Of Centuries.

hexagon saltillo tile
8×8 Hexagon Saltillo Tile Backsplash

Why has this tile pattern survived the test of time?

First, hexagon tile patterns present clean lines. Commonly used in bathrooms or as hexagon tile backsplashes, the 6-sided tile offers a classic look. Embellish your home decor by installing these tiles as focal points, such as flooring in vintage-style bathrooms. Or the hex tile also serves well in transitional spaces that call for a contemporary style.

Next, we love hexagon tile patterns because they are easy to install. Gone are the days of plain square tiles. Just because you select a geometrically shaped tile for your home remodel doesn’t mean that the installation is complicated. Hexagon Saltillo floor tile patterns fit together like a puzzle. These tiles create a honeycomb pattern. This also makes the pattern a budget-friendly option compared to more complex multi-tile patterns.

hexagon cement restaurant tile
Custom-Made Hexagon Concrete Tile for Restaurant Flooring

There are no complicated cuts or mosaic tiles required. It’s a straight tile install. That said, make sure to factor in slightly more waste compared to square tile floor installations. We recommend a 20% overage for waste, cuts, and borders on any decorative shape. Why? It is more difficult to get more than one cut from a decorative-shaped tile versus square tiles. Also, we love hexagon tile patterns because there are options galore! I’ll focus on the genre of Mexican tile and stone.

Have you seen our hexagon Saltillo tiles? We have multiple size options, the most popular being 6×6, 8×8, and 12×12-inches.

hexagon terracotta tile pattern
8×8 Hexagon in Traditional Sealed Saltillo Tile

Traditional Saltillo hexagon tiles boast beautiful terracotta colors from orange, red, and gold. It’s a tried and true choice for Spanish-style home decor.

manganese hexagon terracotta tile
12×12 Pre-Sealed Manganese Hexagon Saltillo Tile

Or admire this amazing hexagon tile pattern in our Manganese Saltillo. I personally love this pattern in this color finish. Manganese Saltillo tile works as old-world style flooring. It also fares well for modern-style flooring.

Antique Hexagon Terracotta Tile
Sealed Antique Finish

Looking for a non-slip surface for an outdoor or wet area? Then Antique hexagon Saltillo tile is right for you. We manufacture Antique Saltillo tile to look like reclaimed terracotta tile. But it doesn’t have an extravagant price tag! Since each tile is hand-textured, Antique Saltillo floor tile has a non-slip surface. So, it looks great and has added function for outdoor and wet areas!

hexagon concrete tile
RTS23 Hexagon Concrete Tile – MeaLu Collection

Hexagon tile patterns continue to grow in popularity among concrete tile aficionados. And why wouldn’t they? A concrete tile is created in striking colors and has extreme durability. Check out our RTS23 Blue and White Hexagon from our MeaLu Collection – stock designs at low prices! (We ship worldwide!)

Recently, the Bucket List Family selected our RTS25 Black, Gray, & White hexagon concrete tile for their hit TV Show, Traveling Home. Hexagon concrete tile patterns modernize any room.

hexagon backsplash tile
Painted Talavera Hexagon Tile

Another great example is this Talavera hexagon kitchen backsplash tile. Talavera tile is a hand-painted Mexican tile that is available in an assortment of colors and designs.

As decades pass, it’s clear that hexagon tile patterns are here to stay. If you’re looking to mix things up in your next flooring project, consider jumping on the tile patterns bandwagon. The Octagon pattern is another wildly popular tile pattern choice.  Check out this article about how Joanna Gaines used the Brown Octagon tile for one of her fixer uppers, The Hot Sauce House.

Explore more reasons why we love Saltillo Tile here!

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