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Mexican Tile Floor and Decor

It was a hot summer day in Texas when I visited one of our most recent projects with Mexican tile floor and decor.  Welcome to Villa Antonia’s wedding venue in Jonestown, Texas.  Allow me the pleasure of taking you on a quick tour!

rustico tile and stone
Villa Antonio in Jonestown, Texas

Nestled within a lush hill country landscape, Villa Antonia peeks out from the canyons to overlook beautiful Lake Travis.  While wedding events pay the bills in this setting, it’s open for a plethora of events and reasons to celebrate!

A local designer tasked us at Rustico Tile and Stone to demolish its existing flooring, manufacture the new flooring (Manganese Saltillo Tile), and get it installed within a tight 4-week lead time. Piece of cake… not really, but we prevailed, and wedding deadlines were met!

spanish floor tile
Sealed Manganese Saltillo Tile – Cement Tile on Risers

As soon as you enter the front door of Villa Antonia, Mexican tile floor and decor await.  While this isn’t a “Mexican style” venue, this space is living proof of the versatility of how Mexican tile floor and decor can transform any space into unique architectural styles.  Feast your eyes on this grand staircase constructed from Saltillo coping and Cement tiles.  Now imagine a bride elegantly promenading down to her guests.

manganese saltillo tile
Stair Coping & Hexagon Manganese Saltillo Tile

This is a peek from the top of the staircase.  Do you see the variations in color with this Manganese stair coping tile compared to the Hexagon flooring?  Both floor spaces are considered to be Manganese saltillo.  Different shapes and sizes of Mexican tiles are placed in separate areas of a kiln during the firing process. The finished colors also vary as heat temperature varies in the kiln areas.  This is a typical characteristic and one that is to be expected.  In general, Mexican tile floor and decor falls under a wide range of color and handmade, rustic characteristics.

stair nosing mexican tile
Sealed Manganese Saltillo

We commonly advise our customers ordering Stair Coping saltillo tiles to plan for excessive overage.  Decorative-shaped saltillo tiles like these copings have many rustic characteristics.  Do you see the chips, bumps, and markings shown in this photo?  From a distance, these characteristics blend into the nature of the Mexican tile floor and decor.  Up close and personal, they are more obvious.

I say this to our customers daily – “You don’t have to like every tile.  There will be some that you just don’t prefer.  We sell saltillo tile very inexpensively, so plan on ordering extras.  Install the ones that you like.” Verbatim.  Characteristics like these chips, bumps, markings, and variations are not defects.  Those are the things that give Mexican tile floor and decor its identity.  This is rustic, imperfect tile.

hexagon span

One of my favorite qualities in our Manganese saltillo tile finish is swirling and striping.  Do you see the stark contrast of color found on one single tile?  Do you see the swirling of shades in the clay? These are evidence that our tile is authentically made in the same way it’s been done for generations.  I’ll stop here, or I will venture out on a nostalgic jaunt – and you don’t have time for that.

Cement tiles make a great addition to this space as stair risers.  The old-world style of these decorative tiles does a lot to change the theme of this room from Mexican tile floor and decor to old-world Tuscan.

This hexagon saltillo tile floor boasts a range of colors from terracotta, gray, light and dark browns, and some green hues.

manganese hexagon saltillo floor tile
12×12 Hexagon Manganese Saltillo Tile

The bar backsplash at Villa Antonia features a smaller hexagon in our 8×8 Manganese saltillo tile.  The smaller size saltillo tiles bring a geometric pattern to the wall to contribute to this Mexican tile floor and decor.

hexagon saltillo tile
6×6 Hexagon Manganese Saltillo Tile

Last but not least, we were tasked with renovating this stone fireplace.  The bottom section of this fireplace displays Cantera stone in full glory in Cafe color. Cantera stone is a hard-carved stone that accents any space featuring Mexican tile floor and decor.

rustic stone fireplace
Cantera Stone Fireplace Renovation

If you’re out and about visiting the Texas hill country, please pop in to say hello. And if there’s a wedding in your future, consider touring Villa Antonia!  If you like what you see at this venue, contact us to get more information about the Mexican tile floor and decor. Til then – Make Every Space Count!

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