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5 Things Not to do with Cement Tile Flooring

Cement tile flooring – it’s been the craze in recent years, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is slowing anytime soon.

The varieties of these decorative concrete tiles are unlimited. From traditional designs, geometric shapes, and customizable tiles, everyone wants to get their hands on encaustic-style cement tile. And while installing cement tile is easy to do, it’s also easy to mess up if the correct products AND processes are not followed.

So, let’s dive into the 5 Things NOT to Do with Cement Tile Flooring.

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Don’t Use Painted Look-Alike Cement Tiles

 If you want something durable that will outlast your lifetime or at least get you to your next home décor renovation, buy the real deal. How do you know if it’s authentic? Real cement tile flooring gets its color from pigmented cement. With painted cement tile, the paint soaks into the concrete surface. It is subject to wearing down with age very quickly. Painted tiles do not last and are not as durable as real, handmade Cement tile. They may be less expensive at the onslaught, but who wants to incur the added expense of replacing tile too quickly? In fact, handmade tiles like these are one of the most popular types of Spanish tiles.

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Don’t Skip the Sample

Sellers like us offer samples. I’m always hesitant when one of our customers orders their flooring without first ordering a sample. Colors displayed on a computer screen or iPad screen vary from what’s displayed in real life. If you’re color-specific, bite the bullet and spend a few bucks on the cement tile flooring sample. Consider it as an insurance policy for your flooring satisfaction. You’re welcome.

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Don’t Reinvent the ‘How to Install Cement Tile’ Process

Whomever you’re buying cement tile from, heed their advice and installation guidelines. Not only do they probably know what they’re talking about, but they can then help you troubleshoot any cement tile flooring issues if things go awry.

I always hear it – “My installer has been installing tile for 30+ years.” Yes, and while he or she is an excellent tile setter, this person is most likely not a ‘cement tile flooring’ installation expert. The sellers from whom you purchased your tile are. So, allow cement tile companies to give good advice to your experienced installer. Use the installation materials and sealers that we recommend. It will make your tile setter’s job easier and make you happy.

Cement tile grout stain

Do Not Skip the Process of Protecting Your Tile from Grout Stain

Please read this carefully. This is the #1 mistake that tile setters or DIY’ers miss when it comes to installing cement tile flooring. Depending on where you sourced cement tile, you may be advised to seal the tile with a specific cement tile sealer before grouting your floor. Alternatively, as we advise our customers, seal your tile with our HydraGuard sealer AND follow up with the application of a separate grout release product. Why use separate grout release? It’s added protection, especially for dark grout colors. It’s easy to do, quick, and inexpensive.

RTS22 Casablanca Cement Tile – MeaLu Collection

Do Not Slap On Any ‘Ole Sealer

Just heed the advice of the company from whom you purchased your cement tile flooring. They’ve tested their recommended cement tile sealer and can help you troubleshoot any issues with the installation process. Not all sealers are equal when it comes to protecting cement tile. At Rustico, we recommend a 2-step system of sealer for cement tile. It’s inexpensive and easy to apply, and our TerraNano topcoat sealer boasts an average lifespan of 10-15 years. You’re spending good money on beautiful tile, so protect it!

I hope these Things Not to do with Cement Tile Flooring tips are helpful. If you buy quality cement tile, find a reputable tile installer, and follow the advice from your tile provider, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood with beautiful new cement tile flooring!

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Learn a little more about our company and how we

Not sure what products you need? Explore our handmade products.

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