What’s Up with Concrete Tile Flooring?

concrete tile flooring

let’s explore 4 (important) reasons

So what IS the deal with concrete tile flooring? Why are people going bananas with getting the latest trend for their kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms?

Let’s look at 4 reasons why concrete tile flooring is a go-to choice for home decor today.

First, watch this short video.

Concrete Tile Flooring is Beautiful

customize to your liking

Concrete tile flooring is beautiful.  Really beautiful.

These tiles produce floors that are a throwback to centuries-old encaustic style floors found throughout Europe and beyond. The manufacturing of concrete tile flooring has progressed leaps and bounds over recent decades. In fact, manufacturers jump at the chance to create custom floor designs based on precise colors selected by homeowners.

The beauty of customizing concrete tile flooring is simple.

1. Pick a design.

2. Select your colors.

3. Rustico Tile and Stone make it for you – exactly to your specification.

Our customer in London, United Kingdom selected this Philadelphia design and the 5 colors shown.  Sure, we may have offered some advice on the color selection but London gets the credit for this design!

RTS18 Philadelphia has been such a hit that we now offer it as a normal part of our In-Stock designs in the MeaLu Collection for a great price!

It’s Decorative

an essential ingredient in home decor

estrella encaustic concrete tilePin
RTS9.1 Estrella Encaustic Cement Tile

While some people install solid color concrete tile flooring, most people couple the functionality of this tile with its decorative attributes.

Flooring is artwork, after all.  Interior designers love to coordinate surrounding decor around the colors displayed in concrete tiles.  Got a busy concrete tile design?  Pair it with simpler, clean lines of surrounding decor.  Got a busy room of decor?  Pair it with simple designs of concrete tile flooring.

The decorative nature of concrete tiles works for you as part of your home decor!  Check out some of these trends for cement tile bathroom floors.

Maintenance of Concrete Tile

it’s easier than you’d think

Next, it’s easy to maintain.

Concrete tile flooring needs to be sealed with quality floor sealer after it’s installed.

We’re a big fan of TerraNano sealer as the topical sealer.  It’s long-lasting.  It adds a coat of abrasion resistance, UV protection and is great for sealing your grout lines.  The end result for you is a concrete floor that requires little-to-no maintenance for many years.

The importance of sealer can’t be emphasized enough. That’s the #1 ingredient for reducing maintenance issues.

Timeless Appeal

it’s been around for generations

Cement tile flooring has been around for centuries.  In fact, historically, it’s known as encaustic tile. By definition, encaustic tile, like the Thames concrete tile pattern, refers to pigmented clay tiles. But, since clay wears down over time due to foot traffic, these tiles are now made from pigmented cement.

So, the industry has taken an older encaustic tile and made it better!

These encaustic-style tiles are making huge strides in commercial and residential spaces alike. If you’re not sure what concrete tile pattern option is right for your space, contact one of our friendly specialists today.

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