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Saltillo Tile Produced By Rustico Tile (Video & Photos)

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We promise a few things when you buy Saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile and Stone. Ours is the best quality and has the best value. And you’ll get the best service from us.  

We know that not every person is a customer for our business.  But if you’re in the market to buy Spanish tile, you definitely want to give us a try.  Call us. Get a Quote from us.  Hear us out.  And if we still don’t win you over, it wasn’t meant to be.  

But I’m willing to bet my firstborn’s lovely blanket… you might like what we have to offer!

our Saltillo tile is handmade and 100% authentic

The real deal.  We are the largest producer of authentic Spanish tiles in Mexico.  People in our industry know that Saltillo tile, produced by Rustico Tile, comes with the promise of authenticity.

Why is that important?  I’m so glad you ask.  

If you invest in Spanish tile flooring for your home, then make sure your flooring is genuine Saltillo. The clay of authentic Saltillo tile is dug from riverbeds in Saltillo, Mexico.   The origin of clay means less maintenance and a longer lifespan, and it holds up to the wear of everyday life.  

This is important for you.  Don’t settle for knock-off or lookalike Saltillo tile created from alternative materials.  Get your authentic Saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile.

We Manufacture Saltillo tile in 4 Colors

Saltillo tile produced by Rustico Tile is available in 5 colors:  Traditional, Manganese, Spanish Mission Red, Antique Mission Red, and Antique.  Traditional Saltillo is just that – traditional.  It’s what you’ve seen at your favorite taco restaurant.  This Mexican tile ranges in shades from terracotta red and orange to golden and cream colors.

We hear a joint statement from our customers: “I want Saltillo tile, but I don’t want it to look too Mexican. I don’t have a Mexican-style home.”  Great!  We have a solution – it’s called Manganese Saltillo.  Here you get the same quality factors as typical Traditional Saltillo, but the colors are more neutral.  Enjoy light and dark shades of brown with some terracotta colors that come through the clay.

Want a little less color variation? Explore our Spanish Mission Red Saltillo Tile color. These floors display dark terracotta shades with only traces of the lighter Mexican tile colors.

And if old-world is your style – check out Antique Saltillo tile.  Each piece is hand-textured and created to look like reclaimed terracotta tile.  This is an excellent solution for outdoor areas where a nonslip surface is desired.

We Manufacture Saltillo tile in many Spanish tile patterns

There’s something for everyone with our deep pockets of size and shape options.  If you don’t find what you need in 1 pocket, we’ll search for another pocket for you.  Check out some 12×12 Mexican Saltillo tile, hexagon, octagon, and riviera patterns for extra flare!  Need a custom size? We do that too!

Every one of our shapes and sizes comes in any of the 5 color finishes.  Options are endless!

Get Saltillo Tile Shipped To You

Lastly, did you know that we ship worldwide?  That’s right.  95% of the Spanish tile we sell from our Austin, Texas facility gets shipped out to places that span the globe.  

We’re not a typical brick-and-mortar tile shop. Our business is online, serving customers just like you.  You’ve probably been on vacation in Mexico and inspired by the architecture and decor, right?  Well, we’re here to help you bring that bit of culture back to your home project space.

I’m so proud of our staff – we’re friendly and knowledgeable.  We work tirelessly to take clay formed by the hands of the beautiful people of Mexico to your home. We know more about this stuff than anyone.  I’d bet my secondborn’s lovey blanket on it.  

We know how to get it to you affordably and successfully.  Contact us today to learn more about whether Spanish Tile produced by Rustico Tile is the right flooring decision for you.

Need Pricing for Your Next Project?

Tell us what you need and when you need it. Take advantage of our Lowest Price Promise & Worldwide Shipping. We are experts in Mexican Tile & Stone.

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you had dark brown stains available? I have tile, I often go down to Mexico on vacation and pick up a load when I leave but I have yet to find decent water based stains. Thanks for any help or suggestions?
    Joseph Llan
    Fresno, CA

  2. Hi Joseph – Thanks for reaching out. We don’t sell stains but if you need brown Saltillo tile, we have our Manganese Saltillo Tile. Check out the photos on our Saltillo Tile Colors page. And then reach out if you need a price estimate – Get a Quote.

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