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buy sealed saltillo tile

Why Should You Buy Sealed Saltillo Tile Instead of Unsealed Saltillo?

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This is one of my favorite questions to answer. Truly. I know what you need to know about why buying Sealed Saltillo Tile is better than buying Unsealed Saltillo Tile. Let’s find out what’s best for your project. Here’s a little backstory. At Rustico Tile and Stone, we used to actively promote unsealed Saltillo tile. Why? We wanted to maintain a strategic competitive edge in pricing for this handmade Mexican tile. Unsealed Saltillo tile is a bit less expensive than Sealed Saltillo tile. So we wanted our lowest price ‘out there.’ We sold a lot of it. A whole lot. And then the headaches, complaints, and maintenance issues flooded our phone lines and email.s. Our customers had terrible experiences trying to deal with unsealed tile. So we took notes and made some changes. Now we lead the market in low cost and quality for Sealed Saltillo tiles. We changed the…

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how mexican saltillo tile is made

Mexican Saltillo Tile – Behind the Scenes – How it’s Made

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I am PUMPED about this Mexican Saltillo Tile blog post! If you’ve noticed from previous posts, I get a little nostalgic about our counterparts in Mexico. They make every piece of tile that globe-trots into the doors of our Texas warehouses. Sure, I’m fond of  what we produce in Mexico.  It’s splendid in homes and businesses. Mexican Saltillo tile is a great value and is remarkably durable as flooring. That’s all fine and dandy.  Yippee! But do you know what part of this business I REALLY love?  OUR PEOPLE!  Not only is the staff at our Texas headquarters A-MAZE-ING, but the 200+ people in Mexico who do their part day-in and day-out are at the heart of making sure you have stunning flooring.  Have you considered how many of your family memories are made atop the floors of your home? Well, we think about it and that’s also why we care that…

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rustico tile freedom sale

Freedom Sale 2017

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We are celebrating our Freedom with discounts across all product lines! Get 10% off installation materials when purchased with your tile or stone. Contact us today for updated pricing.  Call us at (512) 260-9111. All tile and stone prices are wholesale-direct. We ship worldwide! Offer is valid through Friday, July 7th.  This offer is not valid for any pre-existing or pending orders.

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Rustico Tile and Stone Catalog

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For your convenience, you can view or download our Rustico Tile and Stone company catalog.  To learn more about any of our Mexican tile and stone product lines, contact a product specialist today or call us at (512) 260-9111.  We offer wholesale prices, trade discounts, and shipping worldwide!  Click to Download Catalog for printing. Make Every Space Count by Rustico Tile and Stone

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