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Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed a break from ordinary life during the holidays.  At Rustico Tile and Stone, we are fortunate to take a long holiday break from all things Mexican tile designs, and now we’re back at the grind… joyfully! I don’t know about you, but I can only take so much family-fun before realizing that my job is a nice reprieve from the holiday happenings and noise. And yea, I did my happy dance when my kids returned to school today.

So here I find new energy for 2018.  After much consideration, I’d like to share with you the 5 Mexican tile designs that I picked to be our showcase for 2018.

rustico avallon cement tile

RTS2.1 Avallon Cement Tile Pattern

#1 – RTS2.1 Avallon Cement Tile. Because you LOVE our RTS18 Philadelphia Mexican tile designs so much, I created Avallon with the same bold colors found in Philadelphia.  And let me tell you, this glorious cement tile does not disappoint.  Just look at the exquisite shades of turquoise, blue, navy, red and white.  Contrast this design in a kitchen or bathroom with white subway tiles and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!  This pattern has just been added to our In-Stock selection of MeaLu Collection Mexican tile designs.  I’m excited to see the spaces that it will bring to life in 2018.

rts9.1 estrella concrete tile design

RTS9.1 Estrella Cement Tile Pattern

#2 – Similar to other cement Mexican tile designs, I know RTS9.1 Estrella will be another big hit for 2018. This is also a new addition to our MeaLu Collection of In-Stock cement tiles.  I like to think that this Estrella color scheme makes it a happy tile. Can’t you just see it add joy to the mundane tasks that happen in laundry rooms around the world? And as we embrance the warmer months ahead, how about sipping on a tall glass of sweet tea on a patio with this fresh tile pattern underfoot? It was hard to pick between all of our Mexican tile designs of cement tiles, but this blue, gold, and white Estrella is set to decorate some fabulous spaces.


manganese saltillo tile

Manganese Saltillo Tile in Riviera Pattern

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

Manganese Mexican Saltillo Tile

#3 – It’s tried and true but never overdone… Riviera Manganese Saltillo is a fav in our office among Mexican tile designs. This pattern carries all of the benefits of handmade Saltillo tile. It’s durable, affordable, and easy to install.  But it’s uniquely different to ordinary Traditional Saltillo tile that you can find in the world.  The brown and neutral colors of our Manganese finish add a layer of sophistication that stands to enhance many styles of homes, both traditional and modern. The Riviera pattern is made up of our San Felipe and Fleur de Lis tiles.  WOW your friends with a Riviera Manganese Saltillo floor! It’s been a tremendous hit among our Mexican tile designs for years and it’s not slowing down for 2018.

antique saltillo tile outdoors

12×12 Antique Saltillo Tile

#4 – A 12×12 Square Saltillo tile is a classic choice for our Mexican tile designs selections. But I’m adding some spice to this standard tile. The Antique Finish. Did you know that we created our Antique finish several years ago to accomplish 2 things?

1) To provide a handmade Mexican Saltillo tile that has a non-slip surface.
2) To create the look of reclaimed terracotta at a fraction of the price.

The Antique Saltillo tile finish has been a favorite choice ever since it’s creation. I picked this 12” square for the simple reason that it’s our best value tile among the Antique finish category.  I’m also confident that as winter weather fades away, you will see the benefits and beauty of adding this floor tile to your outdoor patio, balcony, or around a pool.  It’s among the most perfect of Mexican tile designs for outdoor spaces.

tobacco brown cantera stone columns

Tobacco Brown Cantera Columns in Cigar Style

mexican tile designs

Pinon Cantera Stone Columns with 12×12 Antique Saltillo Tile

#5 – I’m cheating on this selection a bit. It’s not technically a tile, but it comes from our tile family. Cantera Stone columns are a growing trend; yet, they have been a timeless architectural element to Hacienda and Mediterranean style homes. I couldn’t narrow this pick for 2018 to just one type of column, so I’m lumping in the whole category. (It’s my blog and I can do what I want.  Just deal.) There are many different colors of Cantera Stone. The artisans in Mexico hand-carve every piece of Cantera that we offer – columns, fireplaces, hoods, tile, and more.  So if you’re remodeling columns or drawing up new architectural plans, toss around the idea of Cantera stone columns for a value-added and beautiful element that will set your home apart from the rest.

It’s fun to think about a new year with hope and optimism. As you’re considering remodeling, new construction, or other DIY projects for 2018, I hope you’ll flirt with our full range of Mexican tile designs online. If you’re unsure what is best for your space, give us a call at (512) 260-9111 or send an email! We’re here to educate and consult with you about whether our products are right for your home.  Combine that with extremely low prices and worldwide shipping for an enjoyable Rustico experience.

And from our families to yours, we pray you will be bountifully blessed in 2018. 

Make Every Space Count!

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