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5 Beautiful Terracotta Tile Patterns For Your Home


Are you considering terracotta tiles in your next home project? Let's look at the 5 most popular terracotta tile patterns standing the test of time!

#1 Hexagonal Tile Pattern

Hexagonal terracotta tiles feature a repeating hexagon pattern that creates a stunning visual effect in any space. Popular sizes include 6×6, 8×8, and 12×12 inches.

What colors look good with hexagon terracotta tiles? Our favorite is the contrasting vibe of white, but greens & blues look good with terracotta colors, too.

Manganese Saltillo tile in the Hexagonal pattern is ideal for modern homes desiring a few rustic traits.

#2 Octagon Tile Pattern

Wildly popular, this terracotta pattern is characterized by octagon-shaped tiles arranged in a repetitive, alternating pattern with square accent tiles.

Featured in the Traditional Saltillo color, this Octagon floor has painted Talavera tile accents.

The brown colors of Manganese Saltillo Octagon tiles look great against the geometric cement tile pattern in black and white.

#3 Arabesque Tile Pattern

This bathroom features a Spanish Revival theme with an Arabesque terracotta floor pattern.

The Arabesque pattern is known as the San Felipe pattern in Saltillo flooring - seen here in its Spanish Mission Red color with a gloss topcoat sealer.

#4 Riviera Pattern

It's a 2-tile pattern with the Fleur de Lis & San Felipe combination. Get a textured floor with this pattern in Antique Saltillo tile.

The terracotta tiles are arranged in a repeating pattern creating a stunning visual effect in this Manganese Saltillo floor.

Square Terracotta Tiles

Square glazed terracotta tiles are a popular choice for interior and exterior design. These tiles feature a classic shape used in architecture for centuries.

Popular as outdoor patio flooring, terracotta tiles with the Antique Saltillo texture offer a natural nonslip surface around pools.

16x16 square terracotta tiles in Spanish Mission Red Saltillo pair beautifully with Cantera stone architectural features like this fireplace surround.

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