Finding a skilled tile installer or professional tile installation company is crucial to ensure a beautiful (and complete) project! Check out our tips...

Things to consider when choosing between a professional tile company vs. tile contractors

1. Complexity of the project 2. Budget 3. Availability and time frame 4. Quality of work 5. Type of tile

Professional tile installation companies are usually more expensive than independent tile contractors. But, they may be more equipped to handle your project if it requires specialized installations.

Independent tile contractors are usually less expensive and may have more flexibility to work around your timeline. You may find it easier to find an installer specializing in specific types of tile.

Factors that influence the cost of installing floors include:  1. Type of tile 2. Square footage 3. Project space prep work 4. Complexity of project 5. Your geographic labor costs

Where can I find tile installers near me? 1. Local online directories 2. Yelp, Angi, HomeAdvisor 3. References from neighbors or social media groups (FB, NextDoor) 4. Tile installation materials aisle at a home improvement store between 7 - 9 am

Is it difficult to install handmade Mexican tiles or natural stone? Nope! Just find an installer who uses the correct installation materials and follows instructions supplied by your tile supplier.

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