It's never been easier to add a unique touch to your Kitchen with Mexican tiles for your backsplash! Check out these ideas!

Function of a Backsplash

* Decorative extension of your countertop * Protects wall from cooking stains * Protects wall from grease splashes * Protects back wall from water damage and moisture buildup

Solid color and decorative patterns are a natural complement to Saltillo terracotta flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. These are iconic for Spanish-style homes.

Talavera Tiles

1. Variety of designs for any style 2. Customizable in desired colors 3. Modern touch in contrast with rustico flooring like terracotta tiles 4. Easy to clean & maintain

Versatility of Cement Tiles

* Match or contrast tile colors to kitchen cabinets. * Contrast the texture of tiles to polished counter surfaces and smooth appliances. * Add a Cantera natural stone feature like range hood or stone tiles.

Tips to 'Wow' Backsplash Ideas with other Kitchen Elements

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