Rustic style decor is a nature-inspired approach to design. Check out our tips for farmhouses, log cabins, and other rustic homes.

The Setting

Plan a rustic-style home that mimics nature with its setting and outdoor views.  * Cabin near a mountain valley * French cottage surrounded by gardens * Farmhouse with rolling pasture lands * Coastal home with beach views

Color Palette of Rustic Interiors Pick a color theme and stick with it throughout all your design decisions. * Light & Airy - earthy shades in light, washed-out colors. * Dark & Subdued - classic & rugged for spaces with healthy doses of sunlight.

* Wood planks for walls & flooring.  * Combine wood and terracotta tile for a rugged style. * Cantera natural stone or rough cut stone for accent walls.

Rustic Wood Beams & Natural Stone

1. Terracotta Tile (Saltillo floors) 2. Wood Planks 3. Cantera Natural Stone Tile & Pavers 4. Decorative Cement Tile Accents 5. Painted Talavera Tile Accents Balance patterns & colors across mixed types of flooring.

Rustic Style Flooring Ideas

With so much wood, terracotta, and hard surfaces, add textiles for balance. * Natural fabrics like burlap and canvas * Window treatments and rugs to 'soften' rustic style interiors * Woven baskets for added textures * Rawhide rug?! Absolutely!

Play With Textiles

There's no better focal point in a farmhouse or log cabin than a stone fireplace. Create a statement with a hand-carved Cantera fireplace (available in many stone colors) made to your specifications. 

Rustic Carved  Stone Fireplace

Lighting and hardware are the jewelry of any modern farmhouse or log cabin. * Antler Light Fixtures * Decorative Lamps * Copper or Iron Sconces * Mixed Metals for Knobs, Handles, and Drawer Pulls

Hardware & Lighting

Rustic-style furniture includes oversized, rugged, rough, aged, and casual. Or play with modern furniture to add interest to a rustic space. Mix textures like leather and fabric with pops of color from accent pillows and decorative accents.

Rustic Style Furniture

Let's Talk Tile...

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