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Terracotta Tiles: A Durable & Stylish Flooring Option  For Your Home


Explore the unique and beautiful world of terracotta tiles. See how it can bring new life and character to your home.

Terracotta tiles are fashionable

Not only is this style of flooring found in colors of rust, orange, brown, cream, and gray...

Terracotta trends forward, too - extending to multiple shapes, sizes, & patterns like Hexagon, Octagon, Riviera, & Arabesque.

No matter the color, shape, or size, the most popular use of terracotta tile is flooring.

What are some pros & cons of terracotta tiles?

Most cons can be avoided with a bit of foresight and buyer savvy.

Buy handmade Saltillo tiles and enjoy one of the most durable types of terracotta flooring. 

Sealed tiles are easy to clean & maintain. Saltillo tiles are also budget-friendly.

How long do the floors last?

When properly made of durable clay (like Saltillo tile), these floors should outlast a lifetime.

What's next?

Learn more about terracotta tiles and get a price estimate for your next project. 

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