Modern rustic decor solutions find the right balance between traditional design and modern practicality. Check out these ideas!

Characteristics of Modern Rustic Decor

* Weathered woods * Natural stones * Terracotta floors * Warm hues * Clean lines * Minimalist furniture * Sleek finishes

* Saltillo terracotta flooring sets the foundation upon which to build.  * Cantera natural stone offers tile, pavers, range hoods, columns, and more.

How to Use Traditional Elements in Contemporary Spaces

1. Log Cabins 2. Hacienda Homes 3. Spanish Style Homes 4. Mediterranean Style Homes 5. Spanish Revival Homes

Modern Rustic Decor Applies to Many Architectural Styles

* Cement tiles for decorative backsplashes, stair risers, and flooring * Wood paneling for walls and ceilings * Statement furniture accents like river tables * Wrought iron and copper light fixtures.

Rustic Accents Used in  Modern Interiors

1. Mix and match textures. 2. Make accent walls with Cantera natural stone. 3. Play with patterns between tile, furniture, and textiles. 4. Add Cantera stone pavers or fountains to modern outdoor patios.

A few other ideas....

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