The natural beauty of Cantera stone, with its earthy colors and natural impurities, adds a unique touch to any design.

Unique Characteristics

Cantera has distinct properties making it a popular choice for many architectural design elements. - Durability for indoor and outdoor - Lightweight - Hand-carved for custom features - Multitude of colors - Sustainable stone choice

Versatility for Indoor and Exterior Designs - Tile flooring - Outdoor pavers - Stair and Pool coping Each piece is cut into shapes and sizes fitting many design styles.

Cantera stone can be finished in various ways to achieve different looks. - Polished - Honed - Brushed - Tumbled - Acid washed

Finishes and Textures

Stone features and elements make a bold statement in any design project. - Columns, Range Hoods - Fireplaces, Fountains - Monuments, Statues Custom-made to your specification.

Architectural Stone Elements

Cantera stone offers beauty, customization, and durability.  It's a sustainable and budget-friendly option that takes decor to the next level of luxury!

Why Choose Cantera?

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