Spanish tiles are the cornerstone of a design tradition that spans centuries. Check out these ideas!

Rustic Charm of a Spanish Tile Floor

A popular flooring choice is terracotta tile in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. * It's durable. * It's easy to maintain. * It's versatile for indoor & outdoor spaces.

* Choose your color palette. * Mix and Match different types of tiles like terracotta, cement, and stone. * Indoor to Outdoor Flow -don't neglect those patios. * Accentuate with accent tiles.

How to Use Spanish-Style Tiles

1. The Classic Kitchen 2. The Statement Patio 3. The Artistic Entryway 4. The Luxurious Bath

Where to Use Spanish Tiles

Spanish tiles are not just decorative elements. They are part of a story that dates back centuries, weaving history and artistry into the fabric of your home.

The Look That Lasts

With terracotta tiles, decorative cement tiles, and Cantera natural stone tiles, achieving a look that is both timeless and trend-forward is simpler (and more affordable) than ever.

A few other ideas....

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