Kitchen floors don't have to be boring! Coordinate flooring and backsplash design to spice things up in your home. Check out these ideas!

Manganese Saltillo Decorative Tiles

This kitchen features 12x12-inch Hexagon Saltillo tile in the Manganese color palette.  Modernize the look by pairing the dark floor with light-colored cabinets and white backsplash tiles.

Made to look like antique terracotta tile floors, this textured Saltillo is ideal for old-world style homes.  It's also an excellent choice for outdoor areas and restaurants needing a non-slip surface.

Old-World Style - Antique Saltillo

Prefer dark terracotta colors with minimal color variation?  Then, the Spanish Mission Red Saltillo color palette is for you!

Spanish Mission Red Tile Floors

It's tried and true - the Traditional Saltillo color palette ranges from terracotta to light golden shades. 

Traditional Saltillo Tile in Kitchens

Pair any of our Saltillo tile colors with decorative Cement tiles for the backsplash to complete the look.

A few other ideas....

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