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Why Saltillo Tile Is Perfect For Outdoor Spaces & Patio Floors


Saltillo tile will kick your outdoor decor game up a notch. From patios to pool surrounds, this tile checks all the boxes.

Why is it a good choice?

It has beautiful earth tones. It's endlessly customizable. It can make your space look bigger. It's durable. It won't break the budget.

Our go-to for patio projects is Antique Saltillo tile. With a textured surface, it offers a natural nonslip benefit.

Stairs need love, too! Saltillo tile stair coping adds a touch of rustic elegance to any staircase.

Saltillo Coping tiles also offer a unique and functional poolside companion.

Saltillo tile is ideal in a variety of climates (temperate preferred) with the correct installation materials and technique.

What's next?

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