Looking to infuse your outdoor space with character and warmth? Saltillo is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Wondering What Saltillo Tile Flooring is?

- Terracotta tiles in earthy hues and handmade craftsmanship. - Extremely durable. It's crafted from natural clay and is kiln-fired. - Available in several color palettes & a huge variety of shapes & sizes.

Why is Saltillo Tile Good for Patio Flooring?

- It's extremely durable, easy to clean, and weather-resistant when properly installed.  - Aesthetic: The warm terracotta colors are a natural accent to outdoor living spaces.

- Southwestern and adobe style homes - Hacienda homes - Beach style homes - Mediterranean & Spanish style homes

It's Ideal for Many Design Styles

Spruce Up With These Saltillo Tile Patio Ideas

– Add vibrant colors like cobalt blue, sunny yellow, and fiery red. – A cozy sitting area with wooden furniture & plush cushions. – Add a Southwestern accent with colorful papel picado & terracotta on the walls.

How to Pick the Right Pattern

1. Consider layout, size, and existing landscaping. 2. Choose as per your design aesthetics. 3. Mix and match patterns for intrigue.

Installation Process

1. Clean the tile and floor surface thoroughly. 2. Apply thin-set mortar onto the floor. 3. Place tiles starting from the center point of the room. 4. Continue placing tiles, ensuring proper spacing.

5. Apply grout and remove excess from the surface. 7. Clean the floor. 8. Clean Again.  8. Apply the final coat of sealer once the floor is fully dry.

How to Spend A Lifetime with Saltillo Beauty

✖ Heavy Mopping ✖ Steam Cleaning ✔ A mild Detergent & water ✔ Water & Vinegar solution ✔ Non-acidic cleaning products

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