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cement tile bathroom floors

Beautiful Cement Tile Bathroom Floors

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Cement tile bathroom floors are a huge trend these days!  And why not? Cement tiles are beautiful, functional and easy to maintain. Gone are the days of laminate flooring.  Hello decorative tile flooring!  Leading the pack is encaustic-style cement tile.  One of the most popular spaces for this hand-crafted tile is cement tile bathroom floors. Even in tiny spaces, cement tiles work.  Here is an 8×8-inch size custom made tile from our  Traditional Collection.  These tiles are made-to-order in any color combination of your choice.  Customizing cement tile bathroom floors gives your home a personalized touch. Go big or go home!  That’s the statement in this glorious bathroom featured in Elle Decor.  How about taking a soak in this copper tub laid atop the foundation of glorious concrete tiles.  Did you notice the border tile around the field tile? Borders create a frame around your main flooring space. Still under…

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antique riviera saltillo tile

It’s Nice to “Meet” You!

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Hi there! Thanks for checking out our new Rustico Tile and Stone website! We've been hard at work in the past several months to bring our website up to speed with the latest and greatest of all things Mexican tile and stone! As you check out the site, here are a few things to look for. Saltillo Tile – We've added shapes and sizes to our production capabilities for Saltillo floor tile. Did you know we are the largest manufacturer for authentic, handmade Saltillo Tile in Mexico? That's right – and it all comes to our Austin, Texas warehouse just before it's shipped to you. Check out the three finishes of Saltillo Tile that we make here at Rustico Tile and Stone. 1) Traditional Saltillo with terra cotta shades. 2) Manganese Saltillo with browns and terra cotta shades. 3) Antique Saltillo with an old-world, textured look. Cement Tile – This…

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Custom Cement Tile -Creole Cottage Style

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Get your custom cement tile just like our customer has done in New Orleans! More pictures to come but we just couldn’t wait to post a few of these hot-off-the-press customized Cement Tiles!  Custom cement tile is growing in popularity though the original (encaustic tile) has been around for centuries.  Cement tile bodes well for our high foot traffic homes and businesses today because the pigmented cement is super durable.  Interior designers jump at cement tile because it serves 2 useful purposes – design and function.  Tile does what tile does – but cement tile adds an element of artwork to any space. How did Kingcake RealEstate do it?  It’s easy! Pick a cement tile design (from the Traditional Cement Tile Collection) – and if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, send a photo of what you find elsewhere!  Super easy! Select your custom cement tile…

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5 Rustico Tiles that Make a Statement

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Are you tired of boring floors?  Did you know that a designer’s secret weapon is blending architectural elements with a homeowner’s style?  Check out some of our favorite budget-friendly, hand-crafted tiles!  This is where form meets function! 1.  Talavera Painted Tile.  It’s impossible to narrow it to just one painted design!  Go big and bright or subdued and sophisticated.  Talavera is a painted tile that originates in Mexico.  Beautiful designs can add punch to a variety of home styles including: Mediterranean, Hacienda, Victorian, Tuscan and even casual beach homes.  We recommend starting your talavera selection with a decorative design – then work in the solid color accents and trims.  To complete the look, coordinate complimentary elements such as Cantera stone, as seen in this photo on the kitchen counter and hood trim. 2.  Manganese Hexagon Saltillo Tile.  We sure do love this beauty!  Manganese Saltillo, in general, is super versatile….

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