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6x12 saltillo tile

Rustico Tile is the perfect choice for your home project. Our 6×12 Saltillo floor tiles are sourced in Mexico and are highly durable. The 6×12 Saltillo tile rectangle pattern comes in many colors, giving you the freedom to create any pattern you desire.

– DURABLE MEXICAN TERRACOTTA – Rustico tile is manufactured from clay that is sourced in Mexico for maximum durability. These tiles are perfect for any home project as they will last for years without fading or cracking.

– RECTANGLE PATTERN – Our 6×12 Saltillo floor tiles come in a rectangle pattern that can be used to create many patterns such as herringbone, running brick, basketweave and more!

– LOW PRICE GUARANTEE & WORLDWIDE SHIPPING – Get a great deal on Rustico tile with our low price guarantee and get it shipped anywhere in the world! Plus, get a free estimate of how much your next home project will cost.

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