Are you part of the craze?  The Cement Tile craze?  Have you seen our new in stock cement tile designs yet?  If you’re reading this, you must be part of the “cool kids” because cement tile is exploding in popularity in the design world.  Yay You for being cool! Does that make me cool for writing this?

Cement tiles are a throwback to older style Encaustic tiles commonly found throughout Europe in castles and cathedrals.  Today we all get to enjoy a better quality version of encaustic tiles – made from concrete and mineral-pigmented cement.  Why is this a big deal?  Durability and lasting beauty.  The clay of encaustic tiles wore down over time while current-day cement tiles maintain their luxurious look even in the highest foot traffic areas.

I’m introducing you to our newest in stock cement tile designs.  These beauties round-out our MeaLu Collection of concrete tiles.  Please say hello.  They’re happy to meet you.

RTS17 Sofia Cement Tile

Meet Sofia.  This in stock cement tile design offers a feminine touch to any space. We offer Sofia in a color palette of White, Gray and Black.  I love the idea of Sofia serving as flooring for a bridal suite or romantic bedroom balanced with plush textured draperies and a bold vintage seating.

RTS18 Philadelphia Cement Tile

Next up is Philadelphia.  This Victorian style cement tile foretells a homeowners’ sophisticated taste and capricious attitude.  Contrast this blend of blue, aqua, turquoise, and mission red colors with metallic features in a bathroom or kitchen to modernize an old-world style of cement tile.

RTS19 Aztec Concrete Tile

Hello Aztec!  It’s back by demand from our Mexican tile customers.  Aztec, in it’s range of terra cotta colors, is an impressive compliment to any of our Saltillo Tile finishes.  We’ve seen it both indoor and outdoor, mixed into a blend of architectural styles.  If you’re buying saltillo tile flooring from us, consider an inlaid rug effect using our Aztec design.


Meet our Victorian cement tile.  Strong black lines of this design intermingle with a delicate baby blue spread.  It’s a popular design among cement tile sellers.  The Victorian cement tile designs adds more sophistication to our MeaLu Collection.  Why not entertain the idea of this design splayed out in a laundry room paired with white cabinets and bead board.  Go there with me.  Doing laundry can be made to feel… well, more lovely.

RTS21 Casablanca Encaustic Tile

We added Casablanca to the lineup for some Moroccan style flair.  I’m going to be honest – this is not my favorite design.  It’s just me.  But y’all LOVE it – you can’t get enough of this design with it’s striking geometric lines and colors of turquoise, aqua green, white and black.  If you love it, I love it!  One-by-one, you’re converting me to appreciate Casablanca!

stock cement tile designs

Need something modern? Two color schemes of Hexagon cement tile designs are in stock! I’m elated with adding geometric cement tile options to our in stock cement tile designs.  With tri-colors of clean lines, you have choices with these modern geometric-shaped cement tiles.  Our Blue Hexagon is made up of dark and light blue with a white interior. For a darker alternative, consider our black, gray and white hexagon cement tile.

RTS24 Geneva Cement Tile

Like a lone flower growing directly from a boulder of stone, Geneva is that strong yet delicate design in our ensemble.  The design is on a backdrop of white padded with a shadowy light gray.  The bold dark gray pattern is centered by a mission red focal point.  Ethereal yet Strong.  A perfect combination.

RTS22 Patchwork Cement Tiles

Finally, Patchwork in stock cement tile designs are back.  Please don’t call us asking for specific patterns that you see in our patchwork cement tile pictures.  I’m a mom of a 5 and 6 year old.  I’ll say this to you on the phone just like I tell my kids.  With patchwork cement tile, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”  Patchwork is bold, daring, and confusing! That’s the intent.  You will get a mixture of colors and designs (some of which are not seen in this photo… and you might not even get the designs shown in this photo).  That’s patchwork. You must be flexible and adventurous in spirit to bask in the glory of a patchwork cement tile project.  Bask.  I dare you.

That’s the lineup.  Our entire MeaLu Collection has something for everyone. We’ve put a lot of thought into offering a robust ensemble of in stock cement tile designs that can suit many architectural styles and color palettes.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check out our Traditional Collection cement tiles.  These are made-to-order designs that can be fully customized in colors of your choice.

Find what’s right for your space and Contact Us to get a price estimate or installation and design advice.  We’re confident that with in stock cement tile designs, you can Make Every Space Count.


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