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Cantera Stone Fireplaces are Smoking Hot

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Melanie

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Get with this timeless trend – Old is New Again when it comes to Cantera Stone Fireplaces!  If you have an appreciate for design styles of old-world, Spanish Colonial, or Southwestern, then you can’t overlook the grace (and affordability!) of a Cantera Stone Fireplace.

Spanish Cantera Fireplace
Pinon Cantera with Antique Stain Finish

Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, use these pointers to guide you toward making the best decision for your new stone fireplace.

Step 1: Determine the size of the fireplace surround for your hand-crafted feature.  The opening of your fireplace should be about as wide as it is tall.  The depth of the surround needs to scale to the size of your room.  If you have a grand room with high ceilings or an outdoor living area, go BIG!  If you have a smaller space, leave your ego at the door and size down.  Does size really matter after-all?  (No comment.)

living room cantera fireplace
Cantera Fireplace Floor to Ceiling Feature


Step 2:  Select the style and design of your fireplace.  This is a personal decision and one that you have to live with so choose carefully.  Since Cantera Stone fireplace are hand-carved, your options are truly endless.  We regularly receive photos from our customers of fireplaces they’ve seen elsewhere. Duplicating these has never been a problem and we’ve yet to see a design that couldn’t be reproduced.  Test us out on this theory! Send us your dream design or select from one already on our website.

cantera stone fire place
Cantera Stone Fireplace and Columns

Most typical Cantera Stone fireplaces are suited well for a variety of architectural styles including Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial, Southwest, as well as Farms, Cabins or Ranches.  Your fireplace surround is as simple or intricate as you like. Since an indoor or outdoor fireplace generally serves as a gather place for family and friends, we encourage our customers to stretch their comfort zones with carving details.  The uniqueness of your Cantera Stone fireplace will be a talking point at your social gatherings for years to come.  Embellish with the artistry of hand-carved details.

Cantera Stone fireplaces are built on site.  A good mason will work with the ‘puzzle pieces’ of stone to create the overall surround.  Any basic modifications to size and shape can often be made on site by your mason.

cantera colors
Select from over 17 Colors of Cantera Stone

Step 3: Select your Cantera Stone color. Think deeply about your color of choice.  Cantera comes in many colors so you have a lot of wiggle room to finish out your room furnishings.  For a bold statement, consider Tobacco Brown Cantera.  Lighten up the surrounding space with neutral tone walls and flooring. Pair the dark color of stone with mahogany and walnut leather couches along with an over-sized ottoman.

tobacco brown cantera fireplace

As an alternative, consider the common Pinon color of Cantera.  Pinon is a neutral tone stone with unique color speckles throughout.  You can accentuate the colors of the speckles with coordinating furniture and artwork.

pinon cantera fire place
Pinon Cantera Stone Fireplace

Maybe your converting an existing fireplace or working with an architect on new home design.  No matter what, consider incorporating a Cantera Stone fireplace. Contact us so we can talk you through the options.  You’ll be amazed at the affordability of these hand-carved features.  We ship worldwide.  

Til next time… Make Every Space Count!