I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and post our New Year’s Resolutions for Rustico Tile and Stone.  Disclaimer: I keep resolutions.  So you can bet money that if I’m setting resolutions for our company, they will be accomplished.  Assuredly so.

What’s a resolution anyway?  I’ll spare Wikipedia and give you our in-house Rustico Tile and Stone definition. (Well, it’s kind of the “Melanie” definition if I’m being honest. Indulge me a little.)  We believe that a resolution is a decision to do something with firm purpose.  You can take that to the bank… with firm purpose.  We are resolute to improving our business year after year.  So, here are 3 resolutions that will be kept by our small, family-owned company in 2017!

Rustico Tile’s Resolution #1 – Prayer. We will uphold our staff, business colleagues, and customers in prayer at each Monday morning production meeting and staff devotional.

rustico tile staff

Most of the Rustico Staff as we wrapped up 2016!

We’re not a religious organization but the owners of Rustico Tile and Stone are unashamedly Christian.  Why is this important?  Regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, you’re most likely inclined to admit that Christian doctrine follows a sound moral compass for doing life.  Well, that’s how we do business.  We’re not a perfect company and we make mistakes.  But the heart of what we believe is to do good, honest work for our constituents.

This includes not just our customers, but anyone associated with our business. We pray for our staff.  When they’re thriving in life, they’re thriving at work.

We pray for our counterparts abroad who handcraft all of the tile and stone that we distribute.  We pray for their families. We pray for Mexico – for it’s resources, safety, and economic stability.

We pray for you, our customers.  It’s a privilege to communicate daily with people who span the globe.  We love helping you accomplish the design goals for your homes or businesses while building unique relationships along the way.

And lastly, we pray for the financial health of our business.  We aim for a healthy bottom line so we can keep this ship afloat another year while giving back to our community!  So… we will be adding a firm purpose of prayer to our Monday morning production meeting and weekly devotional.

Rustico Tile’s Resolution #2 – Staff Development.  We will cross-train members of our staff in increased product lines.



Traditionally, our strategy at Rustico Tile and Stone has been to identify specific people to be experts in specific product lines.  This is the year we will cross-train our staff to assist customers in an extended range of product lines.  What does this achieve for our customers?  It means that less voicemail messages will be left on our phone system, because a growing number of Rustico Tile personnel can answer your questions.  When you call our office, your ‘hold’ time will be minimized. Response times to emails will be expedited.  Our intention is to increase overall customer satisfaction, and that starts with our staff having ample product knowledge across the board.

cantera stone


Patchwork cement tile backsplash


Rustico Tile’s Resolution #3 – Market Share.  We will increase market share for our 3 core product lines including Saltillo Tile, Cement Tile, and Cantera Stone.

Truth – This is a Rustico Tile goal every single year.  And remember how I said that we accomplish our goals?  This year will not be an exception to that.  God-willing, we will continue to mature our relationships with artisans and suppliers abroad.  We will continue to provide a stable and enthusiastic work environment for our staff.  And we will diminish every unnecessary cost possible.  We will continue to run a lean business while maintaining our cost leadership role in the Mexican tile industry.  As a result, our market share will increase.  Hold me to it.

Rustico Tile

If you’re reading this, you must have some small curiosity about our business and products.  This is who we are at our core.  A New Year is an exciting time of promise and possibility.  Connect with Rustico Tile on this journey and watch what happens!  Follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK!

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