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Discover the timeless beauty of Saltillo tile flooring. Elevate your space with handcrafted, Mexican-inspired designs. Order now for high-quality, durable clay tiles that will add warmth and charm to any room. 

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Welcome to our exclusive collection of Saltillo tile flooring – the perfect choice for homeowners and designers seeking a touch of rustic elegance. Crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, our Saltillo tiles bring the authentic charm of Mexico right into your home. With their warm hues, unique patterns, and unparalleled durability, these clay tiles are an excellent investment for those shopping for rustic style and functionality. So, experience the magic of Saltillo floor tile and transform your space into a captivating masterpiece. Buy Mexican Saltillo tile today and take advantage of our limited-time offers!

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We are the Mexican Saltillo Tile Experts

We’ve been manufacturing and selling Saltillo tile floors for over 18 years.  In fact, our craftsmen in Mexico have been creating handmade Saltillo clay tiles for generations.

We see a lot of Saltillo floors – good ones and not-so-good ones. Fortunately, we have learned valuable lessons, rinsed, and repeated, repeated, repeated… for years. Simply put, we know Saltillo flooring. And we know how to help you make the best decision when purchasing Saltillo flooring for your project. 

Based just outside Austin, Texas, we are the largest manufacturer of handmade Mexican Saltillo tile in Mexico. In fact, when you buy Mexican Saltillo tiles from us, there is no middleman. Our Saltillo prices are awesome! And you’re not dealing with the hassle of importing from Mexico. We’ve already done that, so your Mexican tiles ship from our Texas warehouse.

Shop our huge selection of Saltillo patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors.  Plus, if you need it quickly, we have in-stock options. But also, ask about lead times when you connect to our floor’ists, the Saltillo floor tile pros. 

Whatever your project and budget, you can buy with confidence because we are the Mexican Saltillo flooring experts.

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What is Mexican Saltillo tile?

(Important) things to know about terracotta floor tile

Handcrafted Excellence: Each Clay Tile is a Work of Art

Our Saltillo tiles are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art. In fact, the labor-intensive process of shaping and firing clay produces tiles with rich, earthy tones and distinctive variations. The result? No two tiles are exactly alike, giving your space an authentic, one-of-a-kind appeal. With their rustic elegance and classic charm, Saltillo tiles are sure to captivate all who enter your home.

Enduring Durability: Tiles that Withstand the Test of Time

Invest in flooring that lasts a lifetime! Saltillo tiles are renowned for their exceptional durability and resilience. For instance, made from high-quality clay, these tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. So whether it’s your busy kitchen, inviting living room, or cozy patio, our Saltillo tiles will maintain their beauty and strength for years to come. Experience peace of mind knowing that your flooring investment will stand the test of time.

Timeless Style: Aesthetic Versatility for Every Space

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic hacienda, a Mediterranean oasis, or a contemporary farmhouse look, Saltillo tile flooring effortlessly complements any style. Its warm, earthy tones and natural texture create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. From traditional to modern designs, our Saltillo tiles add a touch of elegance and sophistication that enhances the overall aesthetics of your space. So, unleash your creativity and transform your home with this timeless flooring solution.

Key Facts About Mexican Saltillo Tile

While you’re shopping for Saltillo flooring, it’s important to understand some key facts about these rustic, handmade adobe tiles.

Saltillo flooring is known as ‘perfectly imperfect. These terracotta floors are made of handcrafted clay tiles that only exist in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila.  In fact, Mexican tile flooring owes its beauty to characteristics like the occassional dog paw print tile, chips, bumps, lime pops, and variations in color, size, and thickness. So, no two handmade tiles are identical. 

How is Saltillo Floor Tile Made?

First, Saltillo clay is dug from the earth in its raw form. Then, in man-made pits in the ground, water is added to humidify the clay for the curing process. Once the clay tile has been cured, it is shaped by hand into molds.

Next, as these Mexican tiles dry in the sun, an occasional coyote, chicken, or dog may pass by and leave their footprints on a few. (There are some fun facts about Saltillo paw print tiles.)  This is a sign that you are buying an authentic Saltillo floor tile.

We’re not shy – you can watch the entire Saltillo floor manufacturing process from start to finish in our video featuring our partners in Mexico. Also, check out our Ultimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring.

What Colors Do Saltillo Tiles Come In?

Handmade Saltillo tiles come in warm, earthy tones. In fact, there are 5 common color palettes – each with its own unique blend of colors and patterns adding to the charm and character of Saltillo flooring. It’s important to note that the color of these Adobe-style tiles will vary from batch to batch and even within the same batch due to their handmade nature. As a result, this adds to its rustic appeal and ensures that each installation is truly one-of-a-kind.

The 5 Color Palettes include: 

1. Traditional Saltillo tile
2. Manganese Saltillo
3. Antique Saltillo
4. Spanish Mission Red Saltillo
5. Antique Spanish Mission Red Saltillo

Famously, Traditional Saltillo tile is a go-to choice for the most authentic-looking Mexican tile floors. With colors ranging from terracotta and cream to an array of golden tones, this iconic tile is perfect if you’re buying for Spanish-style and Southwestern-style homes, haciendas, beach houses, and more.

Manganese Saltillo tile is made from the same clay and manufactured in the same way as traditional Saltillo flooring. But, Manganese is added when the clay is wet, transforming the clay tile into a beautiful brown color that manifests in varying shades. So, you’ll also see swirling dark manganese powder marks and some warm terra cotta colors showing through. Because the process is more involved, it is slightly more expensive than traditional Saltillo Mexican tile. Color and texture vary in Manganese tile, as in traditional Saltillo. Naturally-occurring chips, cracks, and bumps are sought-after characteristics of this rustic Mexican paver that people have enjoyed for centuries. Like all handmade terracotta tiles, no two Manganese tiles are ever the same. And that’s what makes them unique.

Antique Saltillo is a hybrid of Traditional and Manganese finishes. However, the Antique tiles have a textured surface rubbed and sealed with manganese dioxide to give them an old-world look in terracotta colors. Also, Antique Saltillo tile can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. We love the added benefit of texture because it’s perfect if you’re shopping for a natural non-slip tile for outdoor pool decks and patios. (Note: Your installer can leave grout on the tile’s surface to produce darker colors reminiscent of reclaimed terra cotta tiles.)

Spanish Mission Red Saltillo tile is a popular choice for Spanish-style floors, dominant in terracotta colors with only traces of golden and yellow tones. Plus, color variation still exists within the terracotta tile colors, but the overall look is a more consistently colored floor. We implement a custom burning process during kiln firing to produce our Spanish Mission Red tiles because the heat impacts the finished color.

Antique Mission Red is the marriage between our Spanish Mission Red and Antique tiles. With this beauty, you get the deep terracotta & consistent colors found in Spanish Mission Red with an added textured surface. 

Pro Tip: Saltillo colors will vary (sometimes drastically, sometimes minimally) from one manufacturing lot to the next. We do not guarantee color-matching clay tiles because kiln-firing elements and weather elements dramatically affect the tile’s finished color. We always suggest ordering enough tiles for your project at one time to ensure a consistent color theme.

We Ship Saltillo Tiles Worldwide

That’s right – we ship this stuff worldwide! Our ordering process is easy, and we’re here to help you at each step. Our floor’ists will talk, email, or chat with you about your project goals. We’ll help you shop for a Mexican Saltillo tile pattern that fits your budget and timeline. Just browse our extensive collection to find what’s perfect for your space. Order samples to see it in person and try our online Room Visualizer tool

And when you’re ready, place an order and talk about convenient payment options with one of our floor’ists. Order today and enjoy exclusive pricing on qualifying orders. Then, transform your home with Saltillo tile flooring, and let its allure transport you to the enchanting world of Mexican craftsmanship.

Still checking us out?  Go for it – read glowing reviews from 18 years of satisfied customers who have transformed their spaces with our Saltillo tiles.

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