buy sealed saltillo tile

Buying Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tile | Advice (Updated with Photos)

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Sealed vs. Unsealed Saltillo Tilewhich one is right for your project? In this post, I'll address the pros and cons of sealed vs. unsealed Saltillo tile. We'll explore these topics: Up front vs. hidden costs Installation issues Customizing Saltillo tile Let's dive in. Unsealed vs Sealed Saltillo Tileup front &...
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modern ranch style farmhouse

Tell Your Story: Historic Style Horse Barn Meets Modern Lodge

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Historic Style Horse Barnmeets modern lodge living In Oklahoma City, our 8x8 Octagon Saltillo tile (sealed Manganese finish) adorns a functioning horse barn that shows off modern style for lodge living. In this post, we'll look at What prompted the remodel Some design challenges Why Manganese Saltillo tile? Budget &...
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